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DePo Masthead Theme Launch

  1. @chasflemming: if you give me a link to your blog with DepoMasthead on it, I'll have a look.

    The best thing to do if you're unsure about purchasing the CSS upgrade is to use the free preview feature. You can check whether the changes you want to make will work before you pay the money to have them take effect.

  2. I have several blogs I'm playing with using DePo Masthead. Let's see . . .

    How 'bout this one?

    There are two things I want to do. One is shrink the font, which appears not be possible through CSS (the HTML overrides the style sheet).

    The other is to remove some of the white space top and bottom, maybe shrink the tagline/author line above it as well.

    Can THAT be done with CSS? I've already identified the tagline as H1 and succeeded in changing it. The masthead appears to be an overridden H1.

    I would really, really like to solve this because I love the 3-column wide space that allows me to emphasize 3 stories at once.


  3. Header font size and margins:

    font-size= 10px!important;
    margin= 10px!important;

    Play with it until it looks the way you want. The !important makes it override the stylesheet correctly.

  4. rosclarke:

    Did you notice that both the tagline and the masthead are h1? When I got the masthead the size I want, the tagline grew.

    I think what I'll do, since you solved my most pressing problems, is do without the tagline until I learn enough CSS to figure out how to separate the now-intertwined fates of these two elements.

    Thank you for much. As much as anything, the control you exercised over the white space really helps.

    Thanks so much. I'll try and learn as much applicable CSS as I can so I won't be so dependent. You've given me some breathing room until I can do that.

  5. You're welcome. Sorry I didn't spot the tagline/masthead issue - I tried playing with it on my testblog which doesn't currently have a tagline, so I didn't notice that problem. I'll see if I can have another go.

  6. Thanks!

  7. rosclarke, you are my HERO!

    Your snippet of codes was a very important clue for me. I looked further at the html and discovered that the header I DIDN'T want to grow was defined as a class ("name"). So, I looked through the Dreamweaver tutorial and discovered how a class referred to in html should be referred to in CSS. Put it in, played with it, and it worked!

    Here's the code I built out of YOUR code:

    .name {

    h1 {

    Thanks a million!

  8. I've been working my way through, refining my blog ( ).

    My current area of concern is the navigation at the bottom. The little headlines just looked too big to me. I was able to make all but one of them smaller because their class was defined as widgettitle. Here's the code:

    .widgettitle {

    Worked for everything except the Depo Categories & Archives widget (which I first removed and now have added back, in case anyone wants to help me solve this). It didn't work because it wasn't assigned a class like all the other widget titles. I can't change this one without affecting all my post titles.

    Is this a bug that should be fixed?

    Is there a workaround?

    I'd really prefer to use the widget that's not working . . .

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