Depo Masthead to Inbalance?

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    Hi Can anyone help?
    I want to switch from Depo Masthead to a theme with a sidebar (or two) for widgets that also can show three or more feature photos on the homepage going across. If I switch to Inbalance, does anyone know how/if I can:
    1. transfer over all my widgets like blogroll/links, categories, etc? If I simply switch/apply the new theme will they transfer over? (They don’t show up on the preview.)
    2. When I preview, I see four blog post opening graphs, but no photos. How will I get the photos to show up? Is there some special way I need to upload the photos?
    3. Does anyone have any other theme suggestions?
    Thank you in advance (REALLY appreciate opinions/advice)
    Chaya Rivka from

    The blog I need help with is



    Imbalance doesn’t have a sidebar. If that’s important to you, see here:



    Thank you, Justpi. That was VERY helpful.

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