Depo Masthead – What can I do with it?

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    I’m starting a blog/site for a translation studio (small business I’ve started with my friends). When looking for a theme, I really liked the Depo Masthead and thought that it would be perfect, but it needed a few tweaks. What I wasn’t able to gather – or understand, maybe – is if what I want to do requires moving to and hosting the site somewhere else. So, here’s what I want to change, it’s really simple stuff:

    – I want to change the title to a custom header image, or, at least, change its font.
    – I want to keep the theme from changing the font’s colour. It does that every time I access a page or a post.
    – I want to get rid of the thingy above the title? That little text box that says my username if I don’t put in any text. Don’t really have a use for that.

    That’s pretty much it. I’ll need to add a bilingual english/portuguese (I’m brazilian) button eventually, but I’ll worry about that later. So what do you guys say? Can these alterations be done while hosting the blog on

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I don’t help with CSS editing but I do know that reading this before you start your editing is important > It may also be useful for you to search the threads on this theme. Perhaps others have done the same editing you want to do. See here >



    Hey, man, thanks for answering. I did searched for other threads before posting, and I thought I had looked them all, but after your post I decided to do it more thoroughly. I found something on replacing the title with a header image that’s working just fine (the code was written by thesacredpath, by the way – many thanks to him). I wasn’t able to find anything concrete on how to keep the theme from changing the text’s color or how toremove the little text box on the top, though.

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