DePo Square and Gravatars in comments

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    I’m using DePo Square theme on my blog and I have a weird problem: people’s gravatars don’t display when they comment, only if I’m commenting something my gravatar is visible. If I preview a different theme, the gravatars are there, but with DePo Square they’re invisible.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m seeing the default “mystery man” gravatar icon next to comments in your blog. It could be that the people leaving comments simply do not have a gravatar account, or they have not uploaded a gravatar.

    I just left a test comment on your blog (latest post) that is awaiting moderation and my gravatar is showing. I suspect those leaving comments do not have gravatars.



    wow, that’s weird. I’ve approved your comment and your gravatar is visible. I’m 100% sure that at least one of the other people commenting my last post has a gravatar, but for some reason it’s not visible.

    i guess it’s just a problem with other gravatars. thanks for your help!


    You might go to settings > discussion and make sure that “maximum rating” is set to “pg” for gravatars (bottom of that page).



    it was already set to PG.

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