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Depo Square - Comments and footer question

  1. I'm trying to use the new Depo Square theme (which is awesome by the way), but am having a couple of problems.

    1) Is there any way to fix the footer text? I have "Or by month: October 2009, Or visit the " in my footer. Not sure why the other months aren't showing up, and why the sentence is incomplete. Do I need to change something in my settings?

    *Much more pressing problem*:
    2) I can't access the comments on my pages and posts in this theme. If I click on the "Leave a comment" or "X Comments" links, nothing happens. I have enabled comments.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just realized that #2 only applies to pages, not posts. Sorry about that. It's still very pressing. Would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

  3. Sorry for the triple post! (Yeah I'm dumb sometimes.)

    #2 seems to also apply to posts in the Quotes category.

  4. Same here with number 1...

  5. Number one seems to be an error with the theme. If you check the blog's source there is an error in how the link to the complete archive is formatted. Hopefully they can fix this.

  6. I have applied this theme to my blog, but whenever i try to post using the "preloaded poast categories" I get only the conventional WordPress post template. And whnever i click on the "status" button, I get only a page saying "cannot load depo square." What gives, please...amd thanks in advance!

  7. Me too

  8. I've flagged this bug-reporting thread for staff attention. we'll see what they say.

  9. Thank you raincoaster xxx

  10. There is also a problem with the "About" link at the top: It places an unwanted. apostrophe at the end of the link.

  11. Bug fixes are in for:

    • About link in Depo Square About widget
    • Archive links in the footer
    • Comments for quote and photo category posts
  12. Thanks nickmomrik and raincoaster! The changes look great.

    There's still a problem with the comments on pages though. e.g. see my "About" page. It has 7 comments but I can't view them or leave a new comment.

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