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DePo Square Theme - Few Questions & Suggestions

  1. The new theme - DePo Square - is a wonderfully minimalist theme and one which I've taken an instant liking to.

    Few questions/suggestions:

    - Is it possible to make the widget area at the top flexible? Instead of the fixed-length, can the widget area expand to fit the widget thats placed there?

    - Can we make the blog left-aligned as opposed to the current right-aligned layout?

    - The Post Type feature is an impressive idea. Can be tweaked a bit to make it better though...esp. with the Quotes and Images type.

    - Would be awesome still if user can get to select the color theme. Blue is snazzy, Black would be snazzier!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ychittaranjan... How did you get the big quote at the top of your blog, is it part of the theme? thanks

  3. All the above questions can be fixed with the CSS upgrade.

  4. @tutsc

    Yes that's part of the theme option for quotes

  5. Why doesn't my quote look like ychittaranjan's, can you help me out t3ck thanks in advance

  6. you need to add the text between these taga
    <blockquote>Text goes here</blockquote> Auhtor name goes here
    these tags need to be added in the HTML view mode of your editor

  7. Thanks t3ck. Am still some time away from a CSS have to make do with the theme as it is!

    BTW, I noticed on Carollie's blog that the background is different (not the plain white one). Is that also via a CSS Upgrade?

  8. <div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:10px;background:#fff url(' to your pic here");width:100%;height:100%;z-index:-1000;"></div>

    Hope this is OK vychittaranjan xxx

  9. @Carollie: Thanks but that sounds like it needs a paid CSS Upgrade for it to work.

  10. No hun, you just put it in a text widget at the top left.

    <div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:10px;background:#fff url('');width:100%;height:100%;z-index:-1000;"></div>

  11. Ah! Thanks for I got it. Marvellous.

  12. Your welcome x

  13. timmondaymorning

    Is there a possibility to put a long sidebar to the space on the left, for example for even more widgets etc. . That way you could keep the About, Status and Flickr widgets in the three columns up top and add other pictures, links, blogroll, and other stuff to the space on the left. And if it is possible, do you need the css upgrade and what´s the code to put into the css editor?

    Thanks in advance, tim

  14. I'd also love to put a few pages links below the search bar on the left side, but it seems from the code that this area is actually handled as part of the header...

    Is there a simple way (even with the CSS upgrade) of including some widget spaces on the left?

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