Deputy commissioner of police alok kumar

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    Hey Bngalore we have one of the best officers as DCP bngalore south Alok kumar he is a wonderful personality who is service minded and is a best he is been prasied for his style of functioning and ia a very strict officer who does not compromise on the front odf law and order any problem please go to him things get sorted with in minuts the good news is he is here in bangalore for one more year i wish to start a fanclub for the best officers in the state youth please help me to do this and we have fanclubs which are for film heros who dont realize they are just reel heros why dont we have a fanclub for real heros who are in police



    Since you are new to WordPress: spend time reading –Forum rules, others’ posts, etc., and Searching your issue, before posting here. You will see: this Forum is the place to ask, politely, for help –from those with knowledge, long experience. It is not a public ‘bulletin board’ for your type of issue –which belongs on your own blog. You don’t want to get a reputation –and ignored, so read rules before posting.

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