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    Fpr what is the description field if i want to upload/post a picture where it can be seen if its uploaded, can the users see it ?

    i searched for it and dont see it anywhere…



    i readed the link but now im as wise as before reading it , could nothing read which explains my request withe the description…



    terkiben – I don’t understand what you want.
    When writing a post, you choose “upload image”. Is that what you mean?


    boblets – I think Terkiben wants to know what the description section is for, and whether or not the viewers of his blog can see what he wrote in it.



    As I understand it the description is for personal use only, i.e. locating a particular picture in your Media Library. If you want your viewers to see a description, use caption.


    When I first saw the “description” box, I thought that it pertained to a “mouse-over” area.
    I suspect that people are confused with the description area in the image library. In most other applications, a “mouse-over” or “Scroll-over” will reveal whatever you entered in this “description” area.
    Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to change the “description” of the “description label” to “Image Info?”
    That would define the difference between “caption” and “description.”



    Interesting logic, renaissanceronin.

    In fact, the ‘mouseover’ or ‘hover’ text comes from the “title” section. Google also reads the “alt” text to classify the images.

    If you don’t fill in the “title” box, you won’t get hover text.

    Hope that helps, and happy blogging.



    Ah, you’d better look at this one if you’re using Internet Explorer. (I use Firefox):

    The best policy might well be to make the alt and title tags the same. That’s what recommends.



    thinkmaothink is right…
    I understan what renaissanceronin wrote but dont know how to do…
    what energetic wrote i haven´t understand but because of that that i don´t how to do what renaissanceronin wrote…

    thank you all !



    The Description will appear on the Permalink page of the image in the Media Library.

    If your uploaded image is used in a Gallery, the Description is what will appear on the Attachment page.



    thank you justjennifer, now i have managed to create a gallery and however when the pics are uploaded with the [gallery] tab , if the visitor is clicking the pic it links the visitor to the permalink where the description is also shown ! that was what i want to do , but it will be better if the permalink will show the real picture size so the visitor of the page must click three times to have the real picture… however thank you

    another question can i however sort my gallery in pages , i mean i have uploaded 100 Pics and whant to show them in two pages … gallery->wallaper page1, 50 pics->page2, 50pics



    Two clicks to the original size photo (first thumbnail then Attachment page) is the way the Gallery has worked since it was introduced in April. Without that intermediate Attachment page your site visitor doesn’t see the Description.

    You might also try using the Next Page code, but I have my doubts if it will work with Gallery-experiment!

    But while it is very convenient, you don’t have to use the Gallery. The other option is to indicate in the Image Uploader that the thumbnail size should be displayed in your Post and it should link to the full size image. Alignment of the thumbnails can be a bit tricky like this-maybe in a table?



    maybe its possible with the [gallery] tag but from the beginning …

    i have experimented with it and it worked but it has shown the Pictures twice :

    1.normal in gallery form
    2.normal in post form 1 pic another 1 pic another without my prefs from the gallery…

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