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Description When Posting to Facebook

  1. When I manually post one of my entries on Facebook, the description comes up with a blurb from a video I used to have on one of my pages, but that video is long gone. I don't know how I activated this and cannot find how to change it, which I am sure is pretty common sense. Also, when my entries automatically post to Facebook, the description is normal, so it is only when I manually post an entry. Does anyone know what I did to break my blog and how to fix it? Thanks a lot everybody.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. BTW, the blog URL in question is in case that matters.

  3. bluedamselflyjewelry

    I am having kind of the same problem but am thinking it must be facebook not wordpress.
    I post weekly the blog updates to Facebook and when I do sometimes what shows in fb is an older post or recent post with older picture.Right before I hit the publish button it picks up all my thumbnails for the page and picks one to display. When going to wordpress it looks fine and works.
    any suggestions for us?
    My blog is a polymer clay with how to's and a lot of artistic motivation.

  4. Apparently there is no hope for us, which sucks because this is annoying me and not really pushing my blog posts since the description is always the same one, and very old.

  5. @joshiec
    Please clarify what you mean by this:

    ... when my entries automatically post to Facebook, the description is normal, so it is only when I manually post an entry. <//blockquote>
    How are you automatically posting entries? Are you using Publicize?

  6. @bluedamselflyjewelry
    Please provide details. What method are you using to post these entries. Are you using Publicize?

  7. publicize is not working :( well not for me at least. I try to publicize on FB and it won't show :(

  8. Have you tried generating and placing these social bookmarks at the end of your posts? I use them and they automatically update twitter and Facebook. There are other methods one can use as well.

    The Facebook application RSS Graffiti automatically posts snippets of your WP posts to your wall, and friends have to click the link and go to your blog to view the whole article.

    In Facebook, Add Networkblogs application. Then add your feed to it on your profile. When you publish on your blog, it will update in the stream on Facebook and your wall.

    If you are a regular HootSuite user, you can implement Twitter lists and also schedule your status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and

  9. Sorry, been working long hours.

    What I meant is I have my posts automatically set to post on my Facebook wall, which is apparently the 'publicize' feature. Those posts on my wall post with no problems. The description is actually dealing with the most recent post.

    Now if I try to manually share a link on Facebook, I can select which thumbnail picture I want (which is good), but the description is actually from a page which has been changed awhile ago and I cannot alter the text at all.

  10. The problem is there are times when I would like to promote a certain post or I updated a page and want to show it off. The manual sharing isn't working, and it is probably something I did (LOL), but just wondering if there is any way to fix it.

  11. @joshiec
    I think you should take this Publicize suggestion for promoting a certain post to Staff.

  12. I'm having this same problem. When I attach a link of my main blog url ( my facebook status, the name is correct, but the description is usually taken from a random post, while the available images are just what's on the homepage at the moment. Is there a way to change this default description for the main page so if someone attaches a link to the main blog, the metadata gives the default description?

    thanks, in advance.

  13. Not as far as I know. And one of the biggest problems with programming so it turns out well on FB is that FB frequently moves the goalposts and suddenly your custom-tweaked code no longer works at all and you have to start over. It's unfortunate; I usually capture a quote from the post in question and put it in the comment when I'm posting to FB.

  14. Here is the response I received from WordPress support. I hope it helps:

    "Hi Josh,

    The issue is on the Facebook side in how they parse our pages, so it is not something we are able to change I'm afraid.

    You should be able to click the description, though, after you attach a link on Facebook and manually edit the description to something else you like. For further assistance, please contact Facebook support directly.

    Hew S.
    Happiness Engineer"

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