Design error in the title text (themes 'Ocean Mist')

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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    Before a few days I have created a new BLOG with the themes ‘Ocean Mist’. Below the BLOG title, above the photo, a slogan text is definable. On the test the preview of ‘Ocean Mist’ it still looked correct.

    Now I have added also a slogan text to my just created BLOG ( This text appears so close to the title text that the short lengths of the text of the title line are cut off from the lower text. Unfortunately, I cannot manipulate the distance. It seems to be a design-error.

    By chance I found the cause. As I had increased the “reading settings” to “maximum displayed BLOG-articles” from 4 to 5, the overlap of the short lengths has disappeared.

    Actually I want to display only 3 articles simultaneously. But at the moment this does not make sense due to the ugly overlap. These display errors should be corrected as soon as possible.
    Sorry for my bad English. Thank you for your efforts.


    Heinz Schawalder (alias flup2)
    My BLOG:
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Heinz,

    Which browser and version are you using?

    Can you take a full screenshot of what you’re seeing in the preview (that looks correct), then another screenshot of how it looks for you now?

    You can upload those images to your Media Library, and link to them here.




    Additional to my description of the error I enclose below a screenshot of the design-error in the BLOG title.



    FWIW I don’t see an overlap in Firefox15 or Chrome 22 or in IE8




    Sorry one more time…

    Additional to my description of the error I enclose below a screenshot of the design-error in the BLOG title.
    screenshot of the design error



    It’s really strange.
    If I call up the BLOG with the main address, then the design error occurs ( On the other hand if I call up an individual article, the design error doesn’t occur ( I have tested it in IE, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome as well.



    I work with the following browsers:
    Firefox 15.0.1
    Inernet Explorer 9.0.10
    Opera 12.02
    Google Chrome 22.0.1229.92

    Additional to my description of the error I enclose below a screenshot without the design-error in the BLOG title.
    screen shot without design error
    I hope it will be a little more understandable :-)


    Thanks for replying with that additional information. I can see what you’re describing, and the screenshots really help. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

    This appears to be an issue with Ocean Mist, as I can reproduce the same thing when viewing the demo theme.

    I’ve reported this to our developers, and while I can’t give a time frame, I’ll be sure to reply back in this thread when I have an update to share with you.



    Hi there,

    This has now been fixed. Please let us know if you notice any other issues.



    Thanks for fixing the design issue. Everything now seems to be OK.

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