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    I’d like some recommendations on content design for my blog site. I can logically group the information I wish to convey, but how to best fit it into the wordpress blog structure is something I have just 24 hours experience in.

    So please, look at and see if you can recommend a clear and logical way to organise the site, pages, catagories etc.

    Only a fraction of the information is posted. There are many steps and substeps. People need to intuitively navigate around the site and know what it is I do in 3 seconds (or less).

    Furthermore, this is not a chronological blog. It’s more of a contect centered blog structured about the site content rather than recent posts.

    I welcome anyone to recommend a couple of ways to approach this.



    I will tell you how I started. I first checked out the WP tag page to get general ideas for categories. You could use Family and Photography as well as others. Then, I did a little brainstorming to figure out how my visitors would search for the information on my site. Since I blog about a medical condition, I tried to think of everything associated with it and created those categories. For you, try to figure out just about every way someone would look for information about family reunions and create those tags. You can take a look at my index page to get a better idea of what I am saying. I also have several static pages. Hope this helps! :)



    My suggestion would be create a couple of pages and put all ur content in the main blog.
    Regularly u can update the pages with links to appropriate posts (u can do this with the aid of Categories). I am planning to do the same (have started, but yet to make my different pages public).
    I would additionally suggest an appropriate theame like Connections or Regulus, that has good support for page links from the main Page.



    @family historian
    Please take note of Lorelle’s work on exactly this subject before you go any further

    In fact Lorelle has written an entire series devoted to this very topic
    Genealogy Blog: Building a Blog Series
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    * What’s the Difference Between a Genealogy Blog and a Normal Blog?
    * Who, What, Where, and How Questions for the Plan
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    Wow. So much information. This is great guys. Thanks!

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