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Designing a Heard in Digg 3 - INSANE

  1. A friend of mine designed my first WP Header, 20 months later I would like to change mine, like she does, we have the same Digg 3 blog style. She has six pictures across her header, I have searched all around trying to figure out how she gets all these type styles to change her header, and how in the world she get six pictures, everything I see it for one comeplet picture not multiples, I have been trying to change this now for about 10 hours. Please someone help.

    This is my friends blog address: showing what I want to do.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Your friend probably used an image editor to insert text and copy and paste the six images into one large image. See for yourself:

  3. Hi Airodyssey,

    Thanks so much for this information, I have asked her before but she is so busy running a farm and working a nursing job that we don't get to talk like we once did.
    Can you tell me how you get an image editor? I have picassa that my photos are on, and also now that I have Microsoft Essentials Live Writer, I also downloaded the photo gallery and movie maker, are these image editors? You can tell I am not a computer guru here. Are there good free image editors?
    Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

  4. Gimp is a good editor - free and does the same as Photo Shop - some of the learning curve can be a bit tough (as can any new software that is powerful) - ask around your friends and see if any of them do any putting images together - I have a friend that is a graphic artist and the last 2 times I had some tough stuff to do (for me) - I got them to do the same work in under 30 min then I bought them lunch -

  5. Thanks Auxclass,
    I will look up Gimp on google and see if I can find it. I want to learn to do it myself then I am in control of when I want to change the header etc. and not at the mercy of asking others to do it. for me.
    I will certainly start asking around and see. Your help is greatly appreciated also.

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