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    I can design headers for your blogs if you want me to.
    leave me a message, i’ll always be free.



    :) i want to



    Ok, any chance of giving a header a quick go for me. I want it to match the colour scheme of my blog, and I want it to look ‘funky’. It must also say ‘Daily Grumble’ on it somewhere, but other than that feel free to let your creative juices flow.

    Though I hope you understand that I may not decide to use it… I don’t know how good your are at designing headers. ;)


    is there any short cut to go user’s blog? a link?



    Clicking on a users name will take you to their blog, if they have one.


    thanks dailygrumble :)



    One header coming up for dailygrumble (:
    – its okay if you don’t use it, you can bug me into making it better if you dont like it, or just say mean things so i’ll learn my lesson. It would make me a better designer and ill always welcome your suggestions. I will give you a comment in your blog when everything is ready.

    Sadullahkeles, I am not sure of what you like, so let me know more of it okay?

    Thank you everyone.
    Lots of love




    Hold on peeps, Before i do any headers, I need to gather all informations on themes so I will know what headers I must do for the particular themes of your blogs.

    I’ll search on the different sizes of the headers for each theme, and see what’s the differences of the content in the headers and all the other stuff.
    I’ll try to do my research quickly.

    Just continue to leave comments if you want a header.
    Thank you for your patience. (:

    Lots of love


    thanks for reply prityfly :) i dont know what i want . i am always awful on visual design :) the content of my blog will be computer programming, database design and military profession :P (i am joining the army to do my military service :) ) may be this could help you :)
    anyway , choose what you want :)



    Here’s some information you will need
    (1) header sizes and which themes allow for customized headers

    (2) These reviews of themes, their features and known bugs may be useful but are not limited to headers.

    P.S. I like making headers too – click on my username and you’ll see one on one of my blogs. :)



    hey prityfly!
    if you’re still willing to make some headers i’d like one. I’m quite happy with my current header but if you make a better one, i’m likely to use your creation ;)
    The things i like with my current header is the tone of the colours and the simpleness, whit that in mind you can let your imaginaton set the limits.

    the theme i’m using is “connections” and the header should be 74*143. I’m swedish and therefore my blog is in swedish so you probably wont understand a word of it. sorry. Under “Stockpile, The” in the header it says something like “growing – from the buttom & up” and if you somehow want to integrate that into the header but in english that’s fine but don’t use my crappy translation, come up with something yourself :)



    Hey pritfly:

    Can you do something with my header? I use the “Cutline” theme. Also, if you want to experiment with the color, please do so. Thanks so much. You’re a doll!

    P.S. My blog is an entertainment review blog, with special highlight on the Vocal Masterclass reviews for American Idol.



    note: i have not seen the op around the forums for ages, so leaving a comment here for her would probably go unanswered…


    woops – I thought this was a recent topic. Oh well, nice while it lasted.



    so did stockpile – you weren’t the only one. =)






    just my luck… well, time to struggle with photoshop on my own :)



    Hello. I just started a blog for custom image headers. I don’t do requests at the moment, but you might find something that you like. :-)

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