desired domain taken; corresponding blog “deleted”. huh?

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    I chose a domain name that came up as taken. When I checked out the blog with the taken name, it says the user has deleted the blog. Do people really get to hang on to domains when they DELETE their blogs? Really? Can something be done about this silliness? Thanks, peops.



    Yes, of course they do; they paid for it. Custom domain names purchased through come up for renewal every year. If you’re talking about a regular WordPress URL like then the policy is that blognames are not recycled. In part this reduces drama (“YOU aren’t Mister Bloggy, Mister Bloggy was totally different”) and in part it keeps admin simple. staff may well have other reasons as well.

    Blogs that are deleted are gone forever. If you want and it’s deleted, maybe you can gete or using the Domain Upgrade and map it to .



    Raincoaster is spot on. Chickendance, for full details, please see this article:


    Yup, I’m talking about the freebies. Thanks for the input! I see now how that could be a big headache. Still sending cranky karma to these “blog deleters” for not making use of great domain names, though… rawr.



    That’s why I never delete any of my blogs. If I have a blog that is no use to me I just leave it, just in case in the future if I find a use I still have it. When a blog is deleted is is not available to anyone, even the person who previously owned it, it is gone forever.

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