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Desperate call for advice

  1. mysterycreature1

    Hi Everyone.

    A few of you may remember me from being on here a lot a few months ago - but now I'm rarely on. I still write my blog, but never seem to have time to come on the forums and promote.

    Well, now I have a new blog - I'm joining all the other hopefuls out there and hoping to write a book. This is what the blog is about - the journey towards potential (!!) publication.

    It's a book on my experiences of depression, and I'm at the early stages of planning. For this I need your advice - just for one post. This is the post where I lay out my draft chapter structure - could you possibly have a look and leave a comment with your thoughts? I just want to know what needs to be added, taken away, what you think of the order.

    It's here:

    and you never have to come back after this if you don't want to! I juts need some help.

    Thanks in advance, Lauren

  2. mysterycreature1

    It's a quiet world in wordpress it seems!

  3. "please critique the structure of my book outline" and "DESPERATE" are incompatable, don't you think?

  4. Yep.

  5. mysterycreature1

    Hi Guys.

    I don't think they are incompatible at all! I need help, and yes, it may be critiquing and advice from people who know more about writing than me. However, I am desperate - I am completely aware I need as much advice as possible and that I am nothing but a tiddler in the world of writing.

    Consequently this is just a call for those who have the time and inclination to help a fellow wordpress-er.

  6. My tip would be to avoid hyperbole, then.

  7. mysterycreature1

    Well, aside from the fact that hyperbole is quite good fun, and that I am desperate for advice, I don't really see why everyone is getting so up in arms?

    All I wanted was a little help from what had always seemed a friendly bunch of people!


  8. Nobody's up in arms. We think it's funny.

    Why don't you get a copy of Writer's Digest at the library and just read up on book structure? There are only a few people in the forum who've written books, and most of them charge a pretty penny to offer critiques. I charge $45 minimum, for example.

  9. That's $45 an HOUR. And as you can see, I'm no copyeditor.

  10. Oi! :)

  11. mysterycreature1

    Hi Raincoaster

    Thanks for the advice. I am conducting my own research, just thought tnhat some people might want a blog to read and might have something to say :)

  12. I'm reading about 250 blogs in my spare time already. Thank G*d for insomnia and broadband.

    Maybe a writing critique group would be more beneficial for you rather than posting a general cry for feedback. Just sayin'...

  13. I'm new and still have enough time to be friendly - I'm not good at criticism though so I'll probably just say "I like it..."

    Which, I do.
    I think it would be good to have a strong(ish) focus on the biology stuff. It seems there are a lot of people out there who think biology doesn't come into depression (or all the people I talk to are idiots, I'm never sure). Make sure you keep mentioning the neuroscience and all that ;)

    I did also think that Teenage Years should follow on from the first chapter, but that's just me, probably not what you were aiming for.

    I was going to say that Odd Thoughts should be later, but then I thought it might provide a break (if that doesn't sound too wrong) from the rest - I hope I don't sound rude, but I usually like a break or else the reading starts to make me feel down.

    Anyway, general thumbs up. I will be subscribing!

  14. mysterycreature1

    Hi Cloudyduck (love your name by the way!!)

    Odd thoughts was indeed intended as a break - I don't want everything to get too heavy. It's also interesting that you recommend focussing on the biology. It seems there are plenty of "textbooks" out there, but having a combination of experience and biology is less common.

    Actually, having the teenage years as the second chapter makes more sense - I will change that now!!


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