Desperate for plugin for tables tocreate html for proper alignment and display

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    Plugin Requests

    If there is a plugin that you feel is a must-have and would benefit users on, then please let us know using our contact form or the ideas forum! Tell us :
    (1) what plugin you want,
    WordPress Table Reloaded
    or comparable
    (2) where it can be downloaded and most importantly,
    (3) why you think it should be included on

    Problem with Tables is discussed here:
    Our problems are summarized exactly.

    “If you are a WordPress user, you would probably know how tough it is to implement a table on WordPress, particularly exporting a table from Excel to your post, will be probably the toughest job that you will encounter that day. I have tried to add a table using Excel, Word, Live Writer and even through my Open Office products, but no use WordPress table formatting can make you go crazy if you are doing it manually.”

    “Problems with table on WordPress
    Not enough support for Table Formatting.
    The alignment of the table will differ when pasted on WordPress.
    The table formatting is not allowed, you can have a single color table, but using tables with alternate colors on row, will take a lot of manual work to do.
    Tables width and column cannot be resized on WordPress, unless you edit the HTML code of the post, which is again so unfriendly.”

    “Solution for better WordPress Table
    The above mentioned problems can be solved by using a plugin called WordPress Table Reloaded,”

    The blog I need help with is


    No one has replied to my request/suggestion so I will repost here with another plug-in suggestion:

    I operate this blog:,
    and I need to modify some ables in one of the pages. WPis not allowing me to do this when I edit the page, and it even does not allow me to add a blank line at the end.

    How can I add 3 rows to the end of a table and one row in the middle of another?

    Don’t tell me to use codes or CSS, whatever that is. I just need a simple and direct way to do this, as in Word or Pages.

    I know how to place the table in Word and add it that way, but it inserts in one of the other table cells.

    I recently saw a nifty plug-in here:

    I would like to use that, but it seems it’s only good for a self-hosted WP blog. Why can’t you guys allow us to do that?

    Help will be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, gave you the wrong URL. Here is the plug-in, called TinyMCE:



    Not sure how much html you know, but the following code may help. Go to text edit and find your tables.
    The code for a row is <tr><td>column 1 content</td><td>column 2 content</td><td>. . . column n content</td></tr> where “n” is the number of columns.
    If a cell is empty, try inserting a space in place of the “content”. The code for space is   (six characters).
    Post a reply as to whether this helps. Thanks.



    TinyMCE is already in use on blogs.



    and you can’t use Plug-in’s on WordPress.COM blogs



    “Visual Editor
    “Powered by TinyMCE, the Visual Editor is the default mode for blogs and looks very similar to a word processor. The visual editor icons allow you to format text, change font alignment, insert bulleted and numbered lists, and more.”
    Some how the point is being missed: The “Visual Editor” aka “TinyMCE” is pretty limited. I don’t see it matters much with posts, but with pages a better software would be helpful.
    We are finding some work arounds. For example, if you can display in “full-width, no sidebars” you might have better luck. Also, sorry about the previous post about code for “space” – the code got converted, and therefore became in visible. Code is: &_n_b_s_p_;
    (six characters, remove the underscores).



    chrisforestprotectiontbmavengers wrote:
    “I would like to use that [plugin], but it seems it’s only good for a self-hosted WP blog. Why can’t you guys allow us to do that?”

    Chris, we are also new to WP. We are actively collecting a “bag of tricks” to help us with formatting problems. So far, largely by using a “full-width, no sidebars” template instead of the default (set in Pages: QuickEdit) we are getting a good enough compromise where we feel we can avoid self-hosting. I don’t know whether upgrading to premium custom design would help, but we are operating without income and have elected to use “free” wherever possible.

    Perhaps someone familiar with premium custom design can comment.



    Plug-in’s are not allowed for security and reliability reasons

    yes Table Reloaded is a nice Plug-in – I used it when I had a WordPress.ORG install – it does have a bit of a learning curve but once I found out what to do (with help from the developer) it did make nice tables

    Yes I agree that a easier way to do tables would be a great addition here – I do a lot of how to do it articles and the hand working the tables suck – I use a picture along side the text that explains how to do something

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