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DESPERATE to get help with missing account.

  1. thingsmomnevertoldyou

    I have an account ( tfockler60 ) that I created several years ago. When I did so it was attached to an AOL. email account that has since been deleted. I have not posted on this wordpress account since Nov of 2011 and now I am not able to open it again since I neither remember its pw and I can not retrieve it via the now defunct AOL email account. Can someone please help me sort out this HUGE mess. I am Desperate to get into my WP account but have no idea how to do so now. The blog title is "Thingsmomnevertoldus" and I believe the last posting was about Christmas (nov 2011) :*(

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  3. thingsmomnevertoldyou
    Member That is the short link to the account.

  4. Username accounts are not deleted here. As you have lost your log-in information you can visit and if required click "Need More Help?"
    The account recovery form is here

  5. thingsmomnevertoldyou

    Timethief, I have tried both of these suggestions but the problem is that the recovery mail is sent to an AOL account that no longer exists so I can not change the password here, nor can I change the email account on this account because I can't get the password information.

  6. I tagged this thread for Staff help. You can subscribe to the thread so you are notified when Staff do respond.

  7. thingsmomnevertoldyou

    ok let me try it this way....I have 2 accounts here..

    1. tfockler60 This is the one I need to open that has the AOL email that no longer exists. Blog title is "thingsmomnevertoldus"

    2. the second account is this one ~ thingsmomnevertoldyou.

    Problem is if I click on the links you gave me it takes me to ACCT #2 not Acct #1 .

    I need to find a way to get back into Acct #1 but since I don't remember the password for it, and the recovery send the information to the AOL email account that doesn't exist anymore I am stuck. I can't change the email on account #1 without having that password and I can't get the password without changing the email. :(

    I know this sounds nuts, and it is really, but there has to be a way.

  8. thingsmomnevertoldyou

    Thanks Timetheif...I do hope they can help. :( I will lose so much if I can't get back into that account.

  9. thingsmomnevertoldyou

    tagging so I get followups.

  10. Hi there @thingsmomnevertoldyou,

    I'm going to need to gather some sensitive information from you, so I'm going to make this into a support ticket. You'll receive an email with the title of this thread as the subject line.


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