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    Cannot upload image. Have optimized, already have one pixr up which is 33.7KB. It is working but cannot get that same one or any other up on site. Desperate, last step of major master’s project. Please help


    I hear your desperation. The quickest way to get answers is by providing full information right up front.

    My blog url is:
    I did or did not use these instructions
    The image url is:
    My operating system is:
    My browser and version of it is:
    My security programming is:
    I have or I have not had recent updates to my security programming:
    The theme I’m using is:
    I do or I do not have the customization upgrade.



    thanks thistimethisspace
    answers are as follows:
    * xp
    * firefox (can also of course use IE)
    * don’t know about security programming, at large university, but whatever it is it allowed to post the image you see on the home page
    * theme= Treba
    * do not have custm upgr



    Also- I did figure out that attaching .jpg was one correxn I needed to make. However now though I am no loner get a msg about running into a security issue, the jpg file which is supposedly uploading is not being found on the server; cannot been seen in preview when inserting onto the page or on the page itself. It only shows a hyperlink to the file, which when clicked, cannot be found at the server.



    I’m having the same issue this morning and just reported it through “Feedback.” Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.



    so you are able to upload but cannot preview or cannot find file from page?
    Just wunna make sure we are having the same problem.



    Yes. Instead of seeing the photo, all I see is the white box with the red X, and the Title of the photo, which is hyperlinked. I tried uploading it twice in both IE and Firefox. When I click on the box to the left of the hyperlink, I get the 404 File not Found error.



    you can also try uploading it again with a different filename. Sometimes the data centers get out of sync, and using a new name will solve the problem.



    Thanks for the suggestion, judyb12. I did try that, as I’ve had that happen before, but no luck. I’ve also attempted two different photos, and the same issue happened with both of them.



    Just checked in on my photos again under “Manage Uploads” and they’re now visible.

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