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  1. I have recently purchased the WordPress magazine with a few free themes on a disk, but have leant the magazine itself to a friend. I really want to install the themes from the disk on to my wordpress as well as some other themes from another site. I have found lots of bits of information about it which all include changing codes etc in files, but I do not feel comfortable doing that myself as I do not have a clue about any of it! Is there not a simple way of doing it without having to set up hosts etc? I have a free blog no upgrades.

    Please Help!!
    My current blog -

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here is info about the differences between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG: Cons

    We provide 200+ themes (and adding more every day) which you can customize, but you cannot upload a custom theme
    You can’t modify the PHP code behind your blog
    You can’t upload plugins

  3. Available themes are here:

    or access the Appearance -> Themes menu option in your blog’s dashboard.

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