destroyed my blog- domain changes locked me out

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    ok so i have a blog at that was previously a really nice looking blog hosted by hostgator. well a few days ago i wrecked it. i went to the “domain” option and changed my wordpress domain thinking that it would be no big deal and i could just change it to “katelynswansonblog” and drop the photography part. well, obviously i was wrong…it told me that i couldn’t do that and so i just back spaced and changed it back and hit save. well the damage had already been done and it completely wiped my blog of the pretty theme that i had and locked me out of the site…..what do i do? every time i try to login i get this page that says “sorry the website cannot be found” any ideas on how to get my blog back?

    The blog I need help with is



    Because your blog is hosted elsewhere, this is a question, not a question.

    You can read about the differences here:

    You may want to refer to the forums at


    hosted by hostgator

    On this support forum at we provide support only to those with free hosted blogs. Please post to or contact hostgator. vs.

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