Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

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    dont like that it is changed. i chose pressrow for a reason! whadya mean it is retired!!


    can the flickr thumbnail widget be modified so that it looks more similar to pressrow’s, or at least have the portrait-format thumbnails be centered in the column?

    i’ll be missing pressrow. :(



    I really don’t like this change. The featured Image is gone and and and….

    One puts a lot of effort into a page and then you guys just change it to something I don’t want and I am sure others don’t want.

    Why in the world would you change it. Or is there a copy right issue again as often with these things.



    ANY way to please keep Pressrow “active”???!!! Please don’t fix what isn’t broken. Pressrow works PERFECTLY right now for what I want … the preview on Pilcrow looks horrendous. The layout is scattered, broken links, pictures and type are no longer balanced, etc. etc.

    A number of people including me have spent an inordinate amount of time making this blog look the way it does. PLEASE just leave it alone.

    And what happens the next time you want to arbitrarily change the theme AGAIN?



    Checked out my blog in preview and see virtually no difference. And yet your blurb about the new template theme says there are five different layouts possible and background color options. How can I see those?



    I want the smiley face back.


    How do get rid of the footer?



    Why did I get the email saying I use PressRow when I use Oulipo???

    I’m confused. Is that one going to be changed too?


    Ugh, what a terrible new name. I know it’s a bit of a small complaint, but at least Press Row MEANT something. Pilcrow sounds like medicine.



    Terryhong are you serious? Wow wordpress…I’m in Africa checking this msg via blackberry and absolutely will be devastated if my blog becomes nonfunctional in a few weeks.



    @karielaine You probably have 2 sites.



    Is it possible to change the header width and size via CSS and the custom size header image? Since it isn’t with pressrow . And will i be able to make the new theme look exactly like my old does?

    – Mikkel



    YouTube issue is now fixed. Thanks to everyone who posted a note on that.



    I liked things just the way they were, and I have intentionally stayed with the same theme since launching my blog, as a kind of brand that my readers will immediately recognize and feel at home with. If there is not an option to keep PressRow instead of changing it to something new, I would strongly suggest that one be created.

    I have spread a lot of love out in the blogosphere for WordPress, and know that you have gotten users as a result. I’m not feeling it today.



    I don’t understand why?
    Why don’t you make people choose instead?



    I HATE the new look!!! It’s too big — you have to scroll down to see see half of the first screen, and then lose sight of the toolbar across the top. Wah. Now I need to find another theme. :(



    Pilcrow actually has an awesome meaning, you can read about it here:


    I get so many compliments on the professional look of my blog. I would hate to have that ruined.



    I do not understand why the theme must be “retired”.
    Can you just keep the old one and allow people to opt for a new one?



    I’m against the change. There is no reason why PressRow can’t be kept. Been thinking about Blogger anyway. It can run scripts…

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