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Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  1. @karielaine You probably have 2 sites.

  2. Is it possible to change the header width and size via CSS and the custom size header image? Since it isn't with pressrow . And will i be able to make the new theme look exactly like my old does?

    - Mikkel

  3. YouTube issue is now fixed. Thanks to everyone who posted a note on that.

  4. I liked things just the way they were, and I have intentionally stayed with the same theme since launching my blog, as a kind of brand that my readers will immediately recognize and feel at home with. If there is not an option to keep PressRow instead of changing it to something new, I would strongly suggest that one be created.

    I have spread a lot of love out in the blogosphere for WordPress, and know that you have gotten users as a result. I'm not feeling it today.

  5. I don't understand why?
    Why don't you make people choose instead?

  6. I HATE the new look!!! It's too big -- you have to scroll down to see see half of the first screen, and then lose sight of the toolbar across the top. Wah. Now I need to find another theme. :(

  7. Pilcrow actually has an awesome meaning, you can read about it here:

  8. I get so many compliments on the professional look of my blog. I would hate to have that ruined.

  9. I do not understand why the theme must be "retired".
    Can you just keep the old one and allow people to opt for a new one?

  10. I'm against the change. There is no reason why PressRow can't be kept. Been thinking about Blogger anyway. It can run scripts...

  11. @365daysofpeace If you activate Pilcrow it will have 2 columns just like PressRow. If you choose to move to a 3-column layout you can from Appearance > Theme Options after you switch.

    @booksnbeyond No, we've worked hard to make sure the switch will be a smooth one.

    @sybaritestory Flickr widget display is the same as with PressRow.

    @crudetrader Could you contact us directly with details on the missing image? We can help.

    @polfro To see the various layout options you can activate Pilcrow and look in Appearance > Theme Options.

    @jeremymenchik There isn't an easy way to get rid of the footer on any of our themes, unless you perhaps opt for a Custom CSS upgrade.

  12. @jaimewindon -- yes, am totally serious. I just showed a couple of other people ... layout's gone haywire with pilcrow. I see I'm not alone with not wanting to see the change happen ...

    @lance/Theme Wranger ... ANY hope of just leaving Pressrow alone for those of us who are SOOOOOO happy with it??!!!

  13. @terryhong Please contact us if you are having layout issues, we can help fix it up.

  14. WP question: will we be able to embed RockYou slideshows and Facebook "like" buttons with the new theme, or is that something we have to buy the CSS upgrade to do?

    we used to be able to embed RockYou shows in our posts in Pressrow, but then they stopped showing up.

    for other users: looking at the demo, Pilcrow looks pretty close to Pressrow. in fact, it looks nearly identical. don't stress til you've seen it!



  15. I agree! The theme isn't bad, but it's not what I want. The changes are enough that it doesn't have the same feel as before. This new theme looks very "bubblegum-ish" It just looks cheap. No offense to the creator..I like Press Row because of how sharp and professional it is; which is very important to me in communicating my thoughts and experiences.

    Really, I don't understand why you need to retire the theme. Perhaps you can explain why it is that you must retire the theme and replace it with a new theme that doesn't really meet the needs of those who are currently using it?

  16. Well, apparently I got the message because I have more than one blog in my name, and it's actually my husband's blog that's effected. I wonder how many others are getting this message an error?

  17. Please don’t do away with PressRow. I love it and I want to keep using it.

  18. @heatheraplatt Can you post an example of the slideshow that's not working? The Like buttons are managed in your dashboard from Settings > Sharing.

  19. Not to sound like Eeyore, but the few times I've used that Support form, I've had to wait AGES for answers to come back via email ... I don't want to take the site down while I'm waiting for someone to answer 48 questions. Because I have at least that many issues with new version. And I don't want my blog out there looking anything like the Pilcrow preview.

    Does this mean NO HOPE of keeping Pressrow active??!!!

  20. @jennyrock We emailed all site owners who have at least one PressRow site on Of course there might be some people who more than one site and this only affects PressRow themed sites. :)

  21. @terryhong We'll reply as soon as we can. And, you have two weeks before Pilcrow will be switched for everyone—so you don't have to switch to it today unless you choose to.

  22. If I "activate" then it goes live, right? But I need to "activate" to be able to see the five different layouts, make changes, etc.?

    Is it possible to try and rebuild a perfectly unbroken, working well site before it goes "live"? That is, keep it in preview mode so only I can see it while keeping the working one up and accessible?

  23. Have updated with no problems, aside from losing my customised header photo which I had to find and upload again. Not sure I will use any of the extra options offered by Pilcrow but happy with the new theme. It looks exactly like PressRow but just ever so slightly cooler and updated, which prevents the appearance looking tired as the web world moves on.

  24. terryhong, I have a test blog that I use for nothing other than trying out changes.

  25. sebastianclaren

    Well, sorry to say, but even though Pilcrow may be great, I'd prefer to stay with PressRow, too. I can't see any necessity why this should be changed by default. If you absolutely feel the need that PressRow should be deleted from your portfolio, you should at least leave those who already work with PressRow the choice to change or not.

    If the preview is right even the header is changed automatically - this seems to be really ridiculous to me.

    My suggestion: Just give people the choice to stay with PressRow or change to Pilcrow: Everybody will be happy.

  26. YES YES YES to @sebastianclaren's suggestion.

    PLEASE @lance -- make EVERYBODY HAPPY!

  27. Do we get a guarentee that this new theme won't be retired? I like my theme, and HATE change.

  28. akwesasnecounterspin

    NOTE TO WORDPRESS: When I switched to the new Pilcrow theme, it replaced my custom image header with your book spines image. This did not occur when I previewed Pilcrow. Just fyi.

  29. creativedeficit

    Noooo... I like Helvetica font for my title...

  30. @woycikfamily We may add more features to Pilcrow in the future but there are no plans for any major changes with it.

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