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    Anyway I could keep your hands off my website and let good enough be good enough ? This will prove a pain in the arse, like everything you change without a specific request. This field will be mature when quizz kids will be prevented from switching the brakes and the clutch to fit the design

    Pierre JC Allard


    i clicked the Pilcrow theme in preview to see what my site was going to look like and all my images are warped and the ratio is off. why is this happening?



    What? This is terrible. I have been twiddling with the CSS for Pressrow for the last four months, customizing it to look just right, and now when I am almost done, I find that previewing my custom CSS stylesheet with the Pilcrow theme messes absolutely everything up.

    Can you guys seriously not just keep Pressrow and simply add Pilcrow as a new theme? This is so unnecessary. I don’t want to have to spend another few months changing everything for the Pilcrow stylesheet.



    Yup, that clears it up. :) Thanks! That’s actually a really good reason, and re-confirms my faith in WordPress. I really love the tools & the no-nonsense approach this site has always had for bloggers. Thanks, and I’ll be updating mine to Pilcrow in a few days.



    OK. So I thought now or in two weeks may as well now and activated it today….

    Two things happened….

    My Custom header vanished. (despite it being there in the preview). This is a big deal for a live site. I had to search for a long time to find the original graphic.

    My pages were spaced out evenly along my header. Now they are not. The site looks worse. Guy’s – you really do need to do better change management than just tell your paying users they have to change something and give them just two weeks notice and no real sandpit to test anything out.

    And that’s only the changes I noticed….. I wonder what niggles I’m still to discover.



    I agree with those that ask that PressRow be allowed to survive. It seems a bit authoritarian to me to just change the looks of our blogs without our having any input in the matter. My $0.2.


    @deepfriedsouth I’m not seeing any text issues on your site but contact us in support and we’ll help you get everything sorted out. We’re also available to review any Custom CSS issues you might have. I hope that helps!

    @ninagrunfeld The PressRow menu bar is in all caps as well. I’m not seeing any current logo issues at your site but contact us in support, we’re more than happy to get any issues sorted out. It’s not currently possible

    @situseattle Only users that are currently using the PressRow theme will be upgraded to the Pilcrow theme.

    @sybaritestory I’m not sure what the exact location of each post means but adding the Recent Posts widget to your sidebar will allow you to show all the posts currently on your home page in your sidebar.

    @pierrejcallard If you run into any issues with the Pilcrow theme contact us in support. We’re more than happy to help make you comfortable in the new theme—or any theme. I think you’ll find that they look very similar with more features available in the Pilcrow theme.

    @moonshineartproject @sherwinhlee If you contact us in support with the site you’re having trouble with we can take a look at any Custom CSS that might be causing an issue.



    I absolutely HATE this change. And I can’t see why the old theme can’t still be an option. I don’t like the new fonts and the grey boxes in the widgets. It so ugly with, for example, flickr. Please, please keep the Pressrow theme as an option!


    @guythemac Thanks for letting us know about your trouble with your custom header image. It should have been automatically transferred over. We’re looking into the issue.

    PressRow’s menu items weren’t automatically spread out evenly though with your site’s menu items they did appear as if they were. Pilcrow’s menu items are slightly smaller. If you do find any more differences that might be display bugs or other potential issues, please do let us know about them. We’ll get them sorted out right away.

    @ingriddim While there are some visual differences between the themes (the flickr widget’s gray background, consistent with all the other widgets) the fonts aren’t one of them. The fonts are essentially the same between the two themes.


    I just spent a precious Sunday cropping 40+ pictures to fit on Pressrow, only to find that I will now have to redo the whole post and god knows how many older posts before that.

    Plus the header image and copy have disappeared despite being there in the preview.

    What a mess.

    It’s a shame that your disagreement with the creator of Pressrow has caused such huge amounts of extra work for people as well as significant ill-feeling towards WordPress.


    @bravenewmalden If you contact us in support and point us to some of the posts where you’re having image issues we can try and help get those sorted out for you.

    The header image should have switched over automatically but if it hasn’t you should be able to switch back to PressRow and download the previous header image from there.




    my questions haven’t been answered. I first have to accept the new version,and then I can make changes. Is that correct?


    @chouchouslittleworld That’s correct. An alternate would be to create a test blog and edit any Custom CSS using the preview.




    I don’t have any custom CSS. I have followed the theme options completely, so why are my images still warped?



    this is a truly moronic move by wordpress, why ruin so many blogs? are you trying to drive people away from the service? why not just have both themes? you should only even consider this if the switch is transparent, and this certainly is not. the header and menu have switched places, the columns aren’t even the same width… people spend a lot of time fine tuning their blog to fit just right in a given theme and you are throwing all that work in the trash.



    (Argh! You guys *had* to do the change during NaNoWriMo??)

    As somebody who don’t know nothin’ ’bout no web design, I can accept that you have to do this and I’m grateful for your offers of help.

    But you scared the life out of me with that message saying that to see what was coming I had to “activate” Pilcrow. You didn’t mention a preview mode! Okay, one click and there it was, but I was in full-blown blog-site-maintenance-terror mode sweating this out, afraid to click on something for fear that my blog would be immediately changed to the new form. If other bloggers hadn’t mentioned the preview mode here, I don’t know that I would ever have dared click to “activate”.

    So — now I’ve looked at the preview. Um…where did my Search box go…?

    I can’t really complain — you are offering me the service for free and you have, I’m sure, valid business reasons for the change. I appreciate that you’re making the old image available, and I plan to use it (if I can figure out how to get it). But just for the record–the old look was, well, definitely more like what I was after when I started this whole blogging thing…

    I love the name Pilcrow and knew what it was (she said, with unbecoming self-satisfaction). Great name, but the look… Well, it’s not that different and I’ll get used to it. But I would like my Search window back, please.

    (And next time, can you please not make changes during Novembers?! There are hundreds of thousands of web-using writers involved in NaNoWriMo; surely there must be some big-time overlap with 1) bloggers generally and 2) journalism- or writing-themed blogs particularly!)



    Is the only difference the lack of a cute smiley face in the top right corner? Honestly, that’s the only thing I noticed that was different. Sad to see it go…


    @moonshineartproject The blog tied to your username isn’t using Pilcrow. Would you be able to let us know the URL of the blog you’re having trouble with?

    @fernpower The header and menu are in the exact same position and the column widths are the same in both themes.

    @mefoley Sorry for the fright! The search box shouldn’t have just disappeared like that—we’re looking into why it did—but it should still be available in Appearance→Widgets. Simply drag it back into your sidebar from there. I hope that helps!

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