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Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  1. NEW bad problem: yesterday, the title of my blog in your coding was HUGE and black. Now, it is incredibly small! I suspect also the reason why my entire blog is now centered rather than properly coded is when the WordPress coder centered the title of the blog, he centered EVERYTHING. BAD CODING, man! Bad!

    Naughty! Wow. I know a really good coder who you can hire (he is going to fix my blog and I hope you guys don't wreck it again!) Email me if you want a super coder. I will send him over.

  2. @poppy8sd It sounds like there's some odd display issues happening. The type you're seeing as bold shouldn't be in bold. Would you be able to send a screenshot of your whole screen (instructions here) to us in support? Or post a link to one here?

    As for the other questions; Punctuation should behave as it does with other themes; If you switch to Pilcrow you can switch back to PressRow at any time up until it's fully retired the week of November 29th; The RTL and Language support tags indicate to users that Pilcrow is compatible with languages like Hebrew and Farsi where text needs to be aligned from right to left.

    @emsnews Someone from the Theme Team should be contacting you very soon with Custom CSS help. In the meantime, switching your theme back to PressRow should solve any appearance issues you're having. We should be able to have your bog looking as expected with Pilcrow long before PressRow is retired the week of the 29th.

  3. Press Row has been a great theme and I thought Pilcrow would be too, but when viewing pictures in Pilcrow theres an awful error where it flattens horizontal photos into a vertical space and you aren't allowed to enlarge the photos---awful! I want to keep press row!!

  4. @feistyink Would you be able to contact us in support with a link to the post or page where you're experiencing display issues? Or post a link here? We'll get it sorted out right away.

  5. I'm planning to switch to Pilcrow this Saturday, and I was wondering if support team will help me on that day. I wrote them a couple of days ago, but they never got back to me. How does this work?

  6. @chouchouslittleworld A reply was sent back to your first email about an hour after it was sent. Would you be able to let us know if you got the email I just sent back to you? We'll help get things sorted out for you. :)

  7. I'd like to put my two cents in and say please consider keeping PressRow...I thought I had completed the twelve step program for recovering graphic designers but apparently not and the LITTLE changes bother me...they are not bad to a lay person but to me they stick out like a sore thumb...

    Just because something has been around for a while does not mean it is dated and in need of an upgrade...and if you are having some "issues" with the designer of it out...please...

  8. Hi Theme Wrangler Team -

    We know all changes come w bugs, but want to THANK YOU for the work you are doing. We sent a detailed message to Support yesterday on our situation (waiting for reply).

    Our Pressrow site currently lists on Google News and also lists on page 1 (listing #1 or #2) under our default category (women's news) on Google Search. VERY NERVOUS to have our GS rank position slip on page 1 during this transition. Also nervous about any bugs showing live as we try to fix with your assist when we switch over.

    We publish to United Nations agencies, global gov sites and numerous international universities.. as well as public through GN.

    Special Note: We are inches away from switching over to a new (BlueHost) site with new news theme design. Matt did contact us many months ago to help us with this via someone at the design team. Need Advice: Should we just concentrate all efforts on switching everything over to now?

    Not sure we have enough time to work bugs through w site and rush to finish getting up at the same time. Could you give exact date of theme change plz? thx

  9. @lysanzia A reply was sent out this morning to your support email. There shouldn't be any issues on your site when the automatic upgrade begins the week of November 29. In the meantime, you can preview what your blog will look like with Pilcrow by visiting Appearance→Themes. If you see anything odd, let us know and we'll look at it right away.

  10. greenesrelease

    Glad to see there are so many PressRow lovers!

    It is a great theme, created by a very kind and helpful man who offered free assistance on his website to anyone new to this theme. I also use it on my private website.

    A couple of questions for wordpress:

    1. Is it possible to include some of the formatting options from PressRow into Pilcro?

    After reviewing, I see that every single page has formatting issues in Pilcro. I use p align="left", font face="Arial", font size, and tables, to name a few of the most obvious difficulties - none work in Pilcro review.

    I don't know what will happen when I activate Pilcro, and will be very upset that people will have to read obviously badly formatted pages until I can finally get to them all.

    2. Could WordPress please organize to help us by answering emails with the subject "PressRow to Pilcro Issues urgently?." We don't have the time to wait for responses when there are so many pages to edit.

    I love wordpress, but am sorry about this change.

  11. @greenesrelease We'll look into those formatting options right away. You shouldn't have to go back and edit your posts.

    The Theme Team has been treating every Pilcrow support request as urgent. If you contact us in support (with any issue, not just Pilcrow ones) we'll get back to you right away. I hope that helps!

  12. greenesrelease

    Thank You Very Much!

    The Workbooks page (top index) is a good example of the formatting issues.

  13. photographybynicblog

    I want to add to my disappointment to the change from Press Row as well, although it looks like it will fall on deaf ears.

    The changes in Pilcrow are just enough that my blog looks like crap under preview. I have a page full of captioned pictures within a table which looks great under Press Row. The captions are nice rounded edges around my photos... under pilcrow they are square and pointy. And the alignment that I worked days to get right under press row is totally ruined in pilcrow. The pictures are too close together and look bad.

    I switched to vostok figuring if I had to change, it would be on my terms. Pilcrow is off by just enough to be irritating. And I really didn't want to have to redo that page of pictures... it took me days to create it the first time.

    I'm not sure about the vostok, but I'm trying to cope. Knowing in my gut that as soon as I warm up to the change, it is likely that vostok will be retired too, just because.

  14. Say what?
    "Firstly, PressRow's original creator has a history of building on WordPress while limiting the freedom of his users and violating the core WordPress license. Continuing to use a theme tied to the same author is bad for everyone"</i>

    So it's about copyright? Money? Lawsuits? I don't get it.

    I really like wordpress, but I'm very disappointed PressRow is being deleted.

  15. Why is my heading picture different with Press Row? I have business cards and other custom stationary printed with the current header, and while the new one is similar, it isn't nearly as good as the one I have and LOVE.

  16. @kimberlywenger Custom header images will transfer over to Pilcrow automatically. If you're looking for the former PressRow default header image you can download it here.

  17. defotosyalgunaotratonteria

    First of all, sorry for my english.

    Pilcrow's theme image box widget has a grey background. In Pressrow theme the background of image boxes is white (or transparent). what can i do to keep the white background ?

    Many regards

  18. @defotosyalgunaotratonteria There's been an update to Pilcrow and if you preview it again you should no longer see a gray background behind the Image Widget. I hope that helps!

  19. @greenesrelease The Workbooks page is on a self-hosted WordPress blog using PressRow. Do you have an example of a blog where you're experiencing similar formatting issues?

  20. defotosyalgunaotratonteria

    Thanks a lot themeshaper, looks perfect now.!

  21. defotosyalgunaotratonteria

    Hello again.

    In Pressrow theme, when you click on a link, link text colour changes, in order to show you in the future that you already have clicked this link.

    In Pilcrow theme, links are always blue.

  22. @defotosyalgunaotratonteria Links inside posts should still exhibit the same behavior in Pilcrow but simpler non-underlined navigation links will remain in the link color to highlight that they're still links.

  23. defotosyalgunaotratonteria

    Ok, I think I understand you. Altgought I did not mean links inside posts, but sidebar links.

  24. Hi I adjusted our blog theme to pilcrow's new tags. I noticed that the html tags were slightly different between the home screen and the pages. The classes were consistent so I was able to correct my stylesheet.

    However, in testing across browsers, I found this markup at the top of the screen in IE8:
    <!--[if gt IE 7 | (!IE)]>

    Not sure what is going on there. Doesn't show up in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

  25. @siapap Thanks for catching that. It shouldn't be there anymore. :)

  26. i sent an email the other day to support as requested, but i haven't gotten a reply. i keep checking preview to see if pilcrow is working, and i see that the same problems i sent to support are still there--namely, in the nested comments, by the time you get to the 5th one, everything gets squished into the right border (i love how the nested comments appear in coraline, but there are other things i don't like in that particular theme). youtube was getting cut off in pilcrow before, but now it's gone completely and only the url remains. just wondering if any progress has been made.

    thanks for all the hard work you do. :D

  27. @nonnie9999 We sent a reply back to your support request shortly after you'd sent it in. Would you be able to check your spam or junk mail folders and let us know if you received it?

  28. I sent an email three days ago and NO REPLY. And if you delete my posting here, this will prove that you are not a business but rather, you hate your paying customers (I pay you guys real money).

    What is going on here? Talk to us!

  29. And I checked my spam and junk folders and found nothing, by the way.

  30. @emsnews Every blogger on is important to us. We've sent 2 emails in response to your support requests with an offer to help in any way we can with transitioning your Custom CSS to Pilcrow. But it's really something that has to be done via email. Would you be able to try contacting us with a different email address?

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