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Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  1. staceystradleyarnold

    @themeshaper: Am I able to change the title of the "Home" page? I know I can add a page and set it as the main display, but I'd like to not have two links going to the same place. I know this can be done with custom CSS, but can it be done without?

  2. staceystradleyarnold

    Further information: when I try to add another page with a title other than "Home" and set it as the main page, Pilcrow changes the name of the new page to "Home" in the top navigation. So, now there are two pages titled "Home" instead of none ...

  3. @staceystradleyarnold Custom Menus will allow you to take full control of the top menu in Pilcrow. I hope that helps!

  4. @themeshaper,

    i checked my email accounts, and i haven't gotten a reply. i checked the trash, and unless you're a nigerian banker who wants me to look after a dead millionaire's bank account (for a small fee, of course, just to keep me honest) and share in the spoils at some point in the future, then i didn't receive anything.

  5. @nonnie9999 Could you point us to an example post on your site where the nested comments aren't working as expected? We'll take a look at it right away.

  6. @themeshaper,

    i haven't activated pilcrow yet, because of the problems with it. do you want me to do that temporarily so that you can see what's wrong? if there's a way you can preview it without my activating it, you can see the problems in this post:

    i've also been wondering if i have to manually edit every comment with a youtube in it. my commenters have been using the embed code, and that worked fine up until the other day. now, all those embedded videos are gone, and only the code is there. you can see what i mean in this post:

    i was told in another thread that we should just use just the url, and i've told my commenters to do that, but i'm wondering if i have to edit all the old comments. that's going to be a major pain.

    thanks so much for your help.

  7. My custom header disappeared when I activated Pilcrow -- how can I get it back? I don't have it saved...

  8. @preventionrd, switch back to pressrow while you still can and save your header.

  9. Hey, I'm back. Commented a couple times above.

    Okay, I bit the bullet, closed my eyes, and just clicked 'Switch to Pilcrow' now. My first impression... what changed?! It looks great! A few slightly more refined looks and feels and overall I'm very, very happy. You kept your word that it would look the same and I really appreciate that.

    But! (sorry, there's one tiny but) There is one tiny thing I really don't like -- that big, rectangular BLACK footer. I feel it's very jarring, out of character, and frankly... annoying. I don't want / need my blog's tagline printed on every page... and to have it in black is I think really unfortunate.

    My first request would be to remove it completely (I'm fine w/ a small link to WordPress of course - well deserved), but if that's not possible can it at least be made as black font on white background so it doesn't stick out so much?

    Thank you so much for all the work you're doing.


  10. unefilleelegante

    I really don't like messes up my format utterly 0.0 I miss bring it back!!!

  11. Help! I’ve turned on Pilcrow and now some inline photos don’t appear in-line anymore but simply above the text, cf.

    Apart from that, a couple of things don’t work in my Chrome browser anymore like they used to or like they do in e.g. Firefox: When I am editing an article in visual mode, clicking the delete or edit button on a photo does absolutely nothing. And formatting text as erased (tag "del") doesn’t work in visual editing mode. Both used to work in Chrome and now only do in Firefox etc.

  12. @nonnie9999 Thanks for the links! We'll take a look at those posts, right away.

    @preventionrd The header should transfer over automatically when the automatic upgrade happens. If you need help transitioning your Custom CSS before then, please contact us in support.

    @nkspas The footer design is likely to remain unchanged but there may be some small tweaks made to it. I hope that helps!

    @unefilleelegante Would you be able to contact us in support with some of the issues you're experiencing? We can take a look at them and try and smooth out some of the bumps.

  13. @martinjost84 We've made a small tweak to Pilcrow and your images should be floating next to headings again. We'll look into those Chrome browser issues as well.

  14. alternativemagazine

    Hey guys, I am having some trouble with my CSS once updating from PressRow to Pilcrow (something I didn't even want to do really.) I have limited CSS experience and needed loads of help last year to sort it on PressRow in the first place!

    My current problems include:

    1. The title of the blog is hidden on the main page but reappears on any posts.
    2. The date posted is at the side rather than above post headings, making them push over to the right
    3. Post headings dissapear once a post is expanded from main page.
    4. Solid black lines above/below the header image have reappeared.
    5. Headline font is too big (although I have fixed the font for my site back to Ariel and a size I am happy with).
    6. Footer looks AWFUL. Any way to make it just text on white like it used to be? Otherwise I shall have to remove it altogether...
    7. I have gotten ride of tags and catagories underneath posts again, but not sure if my CSS is tidy like it should be.
    8. Also, although the exact same amount of words fits on a line now, the text looks far too condensed. Is it perhaps that the lines themselves are too close together?!

    Here is what I have so far:

    h1 {

    #nav {
    border-top:0 solid #222;
    border-bottom:0 solid #222;

    #pic {
    border-bottom:0 solid #222;

    #footer {
    border-top:4px solid #222;

    body {
    font:90% Arial, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

    h2 {

    p.tagged {

    a:visited {

    .post h2 a:visited {

    Any help would be invaluable, my site is a mess at the moment! :-(

  15. As of an hour or so ago, Monday morning, my headlines are breaking strange. It used to appear with the gray posting date box appearing above the headline but now the headlines are only bumping down half way, so they're crashing with the date header.

    I'm on Safari 4.0.3.

  16. kerrymurrayphotography

    Hi there

    I'm not currently using Pressrow but am considering using Pilcrow in the future, it seems really versatile. One question though, if I choose to use the single column no sidebar layout as default, then does that means that I have no widget areas anywhere on the blog? What I would love to do is have the posts page as the single column layout and then several other static pages (about etc) with a sidebar layout... but this doesn't seem possible, unless i'm missing something. Any ideas?

    Thanks for another awesome theme, i love wordpress more every day!

  17. Like greenwaters08, I'm also currently experiencing strange headlines. They used to be flush left under the date box, but now the date box is causing the headline to "tab" further into the page. I'm using Firefox. A temporary glitch, I hope?

  18. Wondering if the title can be BELOW the date and not start beside it? It looks messy. Just wondering.

  19. @greenwaters08 @bluejaysway @helloxnutz Thanks for pointing that out! It should be resolved now.

  20. @alternativemagazine There are some notes about Custom CSS in the first post in this topic that should help. Two quick ones: Use #site-title instead of h1 and "#pic img" instead of #pic. For more detailed Custom CSS support contact us in support. I hope that helps!

  21. @kerrymurrayphotography In the single column layout there the only widget areas available will be the footer ones.

  22. Just a quick thank you--I had some trouble with my custom CSS and y'all helped me sort it out fast. I was dreading changing things over, but it looks great.

  23. @nonnie9999 We've made some tweaks to Pilcrow and YouTube videos should now shrink to fit in threaded comments. Any comment content should no longer be squished up against the right side. We're looking into the issue with the YouTube embeds no longer working. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  24. @themeshaper - Just a quick thank you - headlines look good again. Thanks for the quick response.

  25. kerrymurrayphotography

    @ themeshaper: ok, thanks! didnt realise there were footer widgets too, all is not lost! you guys are just too clever...

  26. @themeshaper,

    Thanks you for your response. I hate to belabor a point, but I tried a new comment in a long thread, and the text is legible, but the time stamp is still being squished against the right side and is obscured by the gravatar. That's the case, even though the font is larger(and nicer, in my humble opinion) in Pressrow. I compared it with a page with Pressrow comments, and it appears that part of the problem is that the margin is too wide each time a comment is nested. As for the Youtube being resized, they're resized to the point where you can't see them without a microscope. I appreciate that you found an answer to the problem, but I don't think most people will find that answer acceptable.

    I know how busy this is keeping you, and I really hate to keep complaining. I really do appreciate all that you're doing.

  27. @nonnie9999 We've made more room for threaded comments in Pilcrow. I hope that helps!

  28. Hey everyone,

    Really, really digging Pilcrow. Thank you again for all the hard work. Yesterday was my first day in the new format and people seemed to really like it... except for one thing!

    The smiley face!

    It's gone!

    Is there any way to reinsert that tiny smiley face? There was something so cool about how people discovered it after a while and it kind of made you feel like you weren't alone reading the blog.

    I know it probably seems like a tiny thing but I would really, really, really appreciate if you could put it back. Whaddaya say, themeshaper?? :)

    Thanks again for all this work,

  29. @themeshaper,

    soooooooooooooooooo much better! thanks so much!

  30. @nkspas Thanks for the feedback! We are really glad you are enjoying the upgrade. As for the smiley, we might take that into consideration for a next update.

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