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Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  1. ~themeshaper
    The fonts: not IDENTICAL (last check -day of announcment)
    I'm dealing with major burglary; seperately: aftermath of
    arsonist --over 300 of us evacuated several times; especially
    nasty arsonist -screwed with the fire pipe, second fire flooded
    the building; besides detectives, etc., reporters everywhere;
    entire mess.

    Fonts: headline, sidebar bold/too heavy -large
    Believe it, or don't. I'm not going to stop to learn new process
    just to Prove what I'm saying is True because you're too lazy to
    compare to ANYONE'S blog or to put the two up for yourself to SEE.

    Deadline: couldn't be worse --thru a holiday???
    I'm already up-side-down, behind in everything, and in posting, six at least.
    I need the date extended --put off at least two weeks.

    If you can't/won't fix the fonts and/or extend the deadline
    I need to shut down my blog and/or find another host. Please don't
    add to my problems, got enough on my plate/constant interruptions.
    Fonts: need to be
    IDENTICAL. As sample: far too large.

  2. @poppy8sd Are the headline fonts you're seeing in Pilcrow bolder on your blog than the headlines in the preview image shown in the announcement post? We've tested Pilcrow across multiple browsers on both Windows and Mac operating systems—and compared it on your site against the older PressRow theme—and it should look like that screenshot.

    If they're not identical a screenshot of your monitor window or some more information about the browser and operating system you're using might help us figure out what's happening.

  3. ~themeshaper
    Okay, things calmer around here (no new fire), maybe this will help others:
    I put up: My Home page/Pilcrow Preview My Home Page/Announcement Screenshot
    -BLOG Title page/top: font looks identical
    -HEADLINE: my font compared to Preview & Screenshot --NOT same --those Much More Bold
    -SIDEBAR: my font compared to Preview & Screenshot --NOT same --more bold than mine

    --Ya, SIDEBAR font headings & ellipses HUGE in Pilcrow Preview.

    --That made no sense to me, how could font look Identical in ONE area but NOT in other two areas. Plus: Since technically, usually, WP pretty thorough --and makes corrections if given notice of an error, and I thought you way wouldn't re-check then say "same"
    if not, so I took time to think Why font differences.

    So: I opened a 4th page
    My current Home Page / Pilcrow Preview: ALL fonts IDENTICAL --NOT excessive bold anywhere
    4th Page: Opera browser. The Problem: IE browser. ~TaDa...

    I'm NOT wild about: page/bottom black strip, will live with --if
    I hafta --reason for it? --Design/copyright distinction from PressRow?
    -Bottom Strip: How to change or delete what it says?
    -SIDEBAR - headings: good job fixing BOTTOM serif cut-off
    -SIDEBAR - Widgets/Photos: right side looks fine in Preview/no cut-off now

    Did you fix error:
    -space between sentences: TWO spaces --now?
    -Quotes: face INWARD now?

    Over the week-end: I'll look for new Blog header image
    --instead of new Blog host(!) I'm Hoping there's
    a Tutorial, if not I'll Search.

    Pilcrow: EXACT TIME of the change on the 29th?

    BTW: saw new WP How To (Get Started) --team deserves kudos
    for change --Details, MUCH Better info for newbies than the way it was. (Thot I'd go crackers or Quit in the beginning.) Well done.
    Okay, problem Solved, 29 to go.

  4. i loooooooooove those themes :D:D:D:D

  5. reluctantly activated the theme, all seems well. still remains a fresh template! still miss the smiley face though. :(

  6. @poppy8sd Would you be able to let us know what version of IE and Windows you're using? Also, is the font display wonkiness only happening in the theme browser preview?

    While Pilcrow and PressRow are very similar there are some differences. The footer is one of them. Only one part of the footer is editable; the blog tagline. It can be changed in Settings→General.

    There shouldn't be any difference between quotes and spaces after the period between the two themes. This may just be a preview display issue.

    We have some great support information about header images here.

    I can't give an exact time change for the upgrade from PressRow to Pilcrow. It'll be happening for different blogs at different times this week.

    I hope that helps!

  7. Hi Ian - We are live with the Pilcrow theme now and noticed that something is showing high in the page that we hope we can remove. It is new text that did not show like this in the previous theme. The text is showing as "Jump to Comments" and shows on all the permanent URLs with all of our featured stories. Because of our content (which covers global women's news that includes many topics that attract spammers) we don't have our comment feature turned on. Can we remove this confusing text by changing our CSS code for comments? Thanks for getting back on this and thanks big for your help. - Lys(at Women News Network)

  8. @lysanzia We'll make that more dynamic so it's hidden on posts with closed comments. If you're using Custom CSS you can hide the link with …

    .jump {display: none;}
  9. Where in the CSS do we place? - thanks again so much for your help w this Ian. - Lys

  10. @lysanzia That line can be placed anywhere in your custom styles at Appearance → Edit CSS.

  11. sarahdanslenoir

    Looking for some help customizing the Pilcrow in the same way I had Pressrow modified. As it is now, my blog's pretty messed with the whole container too far right.

    I had customized the Pressrow CSS to widen the content area to 970px with the post area 700px and had a custom header and no blog title. The Pilcrow theme is beyond my CSS skills, so if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


  12. The Pilcrow theme is amazing! Very customisable, I love it! When using the 'Dark' colour scheme though, some of the writing, such as the 'Leave a reply' text cannot be seen as it is black on black. How do I fix this?

  13. @sarahdanslenoir We'll take a look at that right away and see what we can do for you.

    @puppykilla That looks like a display bug. We'll take care of that right away.

  14. greenesrelease

    Come on Themeshaper!!

    You told me (@greenesrelease We'll look into those formatting options right away. You shouldn't have to go back and edit your posts.)

    I didn't have time to edit every page, and trusted your response. Well??

    Please take a look at my SALES page - it is ruined! (

    My sidebar is also messed up! My index page is messed up! Every single page is messed up!!

    What now?

  15. @greenesrelease Sorry about that! I'd replied noting that the blog you were linking to ( was a blog. We're looking into the display issues on your blog. We'll get things sorted for your site as soon as we can.

  16. @themeshaper Thanks! Apart from that it is an amazing theme!

  17. @sarahdanslenoir We've sent you an email from support that should get your site looking more like expected. Let us know if you run into any other issues!

  18. sarahdanslenoir

    @themeshaper Thanks! All my issues are resolved with your help and my blog's back to its former self.

  19. My whole entire site is completely wrecked now, and I have not a lick of time to fix it.

    Wow, not a cool move yanking that theme from us. And I have about 20 or so clients on WordPress - makes me a little skiddish to set any more clients up here for fear of the same happening to them.

  20. The problems with the black on black text whils using the 'dark' background option all appear to be on the comments section '__ replies to this post' and 'Leave a reply' are the only pieces of text that I have noticed to be affected. Any idea how long it will take to resolve?

  21. Hi flutemandy77,
    We can help with getting your Custom CSS updated (per the instructions posted here over two weeks ago). We'll send you an email soon with more info.

  22. @greenesrelease Table formatting should be producing the expected results now.

    @puppykilla Thanks for letting us know about that display bug. It should be resolved now.

  23. And I have about 20 or so clients on WordPress - makes me a little skiddish to set any more clients up here for fear of the same happening to them.

    If you're actually taking money from people to set them up on a third-party host where, in real terms, you have limited-to-zero control over the way things work, the time to get skittish was probably twenty or so clients ago.

  24. Hola, que bueno que estés haciendo este tipo de migraciones, tal vez un día de estos que tenga un poco más de tiempo y conocimientos pueda hacer uno. Una pregunta, he estado buscando algunos temas los cuales pueda descargar e instalar en mi sitio, pero únicamente he encontrado los que están en la página oficial, necesitamos ultra alegría
    que el mundo esta frío.


  25. Por favor sea específico. ¿Qué tipo de artículos no desea cargar en tu blog? No podemos usar estos códigos - Javacript, iframes, reproductores Flash como el software de viajes el código para mantener la seguridad en esta plataforma de blogs multiusuario. Pero si nos dicen exactamente lo que quieres es posible que podamos para ayudar.

  26. just popping in to see whats up and how to use this new site an answers

  27. Welcome to @iggycst. If you're looking for information on how to use and get the most out of your WordPress blog you should definitely check out Learn Happy blogging!

  28. @kloger If you need some general help with your theme feel free to post in the Themes forum (this topic is strictly for help with the Pilcrow theme) or contact us in support. We're happy to help. :)

  29. Don't know if anyone will ever scroll down far enough to read this.

    My transition was seamless. My videos worked, my images are properly placed. The Pressrow organization is the Pilcrow default.

    I'm glad the smiley face disappeared. It was not professional.

    I'm happy as can be with the transition.

    I will choose not to add background colors, as I really like the default look.

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