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    On my blog ( I combine photos and text. With the new Pilcrow theme, I am unable to space the text in-between the pictures correctly making it look like I’ve made mistakes in my spacing…

    I much prefered Pressrow!



    Ciertamente no entiendo la necesidad de cambiar un tema por otro, Hasta ahora el diseño de PressRow era lo suficientemente atractivo y útil que parece que el cambio no es necesariamente a mejor.

    La apariencia, independientemente de las mejoras, no tiene nada que ver con la de PressRow, incluye,por ejemplo, cabecera, lo que supone un total cambio de diseño del blog y me obligaría a modificar todas las páginas y post, estéticamente hablando. Ignoro si acarrearía, además, otros problemas el cambio.

    Desearía, sinceramente, que no se modificara. Pueden añadir el nuevo y dejar alos que estamos contentos con PressRow seguir con él.



    I like Pilcrow. But I tried to use different options in it and couldn’t–if I am not using CSS can I still try out different options?



    I like pilcrow!!



    @marcys Yes, you can view all the options but you have to activate Pilcrow first. Go to Appearance → Theme Options in your dashboard after you change the theme and you’ll see the color and layout options there.



    Hey @lance and @themeshaper, here’s a suggestion for the Pilcrow’s brown template:

    Change the a:visited color to something less dark. It’s difficult to read the grey visited link on the brown background.




    @finepixtrix @wevelostcontrol Image borders should no longer be cut off. Thanks for letting us know about that issue!

    @victualling We’ve made the widget styles more similar to PressRow—with a few more tweaks on the way. :)

    @steeleworthy Thanks for catching that! Visited link colors should be more consistent with the alternate color schemes now.


    @joemh The paragraph and image caption margins should look a little more familiar now. I hope that helps!



    tugino. How to make a custom menu?


    Hi, Tugino. We have some great instructions on how to make custom menus here.


    For those that have been exploring the layouts in Appearance→Theme Options if you look again you might notice we’ve added another layout. :)



    My site seems to have made the switch perfectly. All I don’t like so far is the black bar on the bottom showing my blog name and the theme. The rest is so light and nice, why such a jarring black line at the bottom and so close to the bottom of the material on my site?


    @jeanash Hopefully it isn’t too jarring. It also acts as a container for the optional footer widgets and, if you choose one of the alternate color schemes, it comes in other colors.



    >>>headline and sidebar text fonts are almost identical
    in PressRow and Pilcrow.

    You’re welcome, happy to give Feedback. But: your “reply” NOT an Answer.
    NEW Fonts, Colors, Sizes: NOT the SAME as original. –Are you stalling till
    decision –or that was weak way of saying ‘No font changes’?

    What may be vaguely clear to WP staff I’ll put HARD Dead
    writers who use PressRow NOT the same as other WP writers.
    Oh, we may Glance at your new themes, doodads, ‘toys’ but
    don’t give Serious consideration. The stuff WP keeps stuffing
    into the Dashboard: just stuff –to be worked AROUND.

    What Matters to PressRow writers: Fonts
    For anyone who doesn’t know: typography duplicates SPEECH.
    –As in: all caps = yelling, e.g.

    1. NEW Headline font: bold/heavy, BLACK –not the dark grey, clunky
    –corny –Parody of what was; ditto: Sidebar Headings, etc.

    2. Size: e.g., ellipses
    So Large NOW they look like BUBBLES
    –this Matters, to me: I use ellipses page/top in definition of
    “daVine” and with ellipses THAT size it will make me look a Fool.

    3. Strip page/bottom –black ground
    IF I remove the statement in that strip/if none: will strip disappear?
    It IS jarring, but if you MUST have such a strip and it MUST default to BLACK ground: I’m willing to accept, IF it helps you. BUT:

    4. WILL WP: put exact ORIGINAL Heading/Header Fonts, Colors, Sizes
    of PressRow into Pilcrow?

    Specific, Real reply please.


    @poppy8sd Sorry my response was too short. Nothing was meant by it. I can go into more detail about the font similarities and differences.

    For the headline font the only real difference is color. PressRow’s was a lighter black (#333333) while Pilcrow’s is a higher contrast jet-black (#000000). Both are set in 28 pixel Georgia regular.

    The sidebar widget title fonts are identical. Both are set in light grey (#99999), 24 pixel, Georgia regular.

    I’m not able to see a difference between the rendering of ellipses in PressRow and Pilcrow but if you can provide a screenshot, and contact us in support, we’ll take a look at it right away.

    The footer bar will remain if the blog tagline is empty.

    While there has been effort made to preserve much of the visual style of PressRow in Pilcrow there will be some differences. Footer styles, slightly smaller menus, and simpler borders, are unlikely to change. That said, we’ve made many small but significant changes to Pilcrow over the past 24 hours to help make post typography and layout more familiar to those making the transition—and are likely to keep doing so wherever we can.

    I hope that helps!



    Come on..I just changed to this..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    @salobrena You should find it very similar to the experience you’ve had with PressRow—with new features that allow for more customization.



    Thanks for prompt reply and for details –I went to do homework
    (on your reply), didn’t finish. Can’t learn “screen shots” fast enough.

    Put my current Home Page & Pilcrow PREVIEW side by side:

    1. page/top/right – blog Name: original & new identical

    2. post/headline: orig. –dark grey/ new –black
    if you say BOTH SAME Font Size then: Pilcrow Must be in BOLD
    SAME headline in Pilcrow in three lines, PressRow two lines

    3. page/top/text widget: COLOR –identical grey;
    SIZE –if you say Identical then suspect same
    –Font must be in BOLD

    4. Sidebar/headings: Pilcrow in BOLD

    Serifs and other parts of font look similar in both themes
    and if you say they’re SAME:
    then it is BOLD that is changing it from elegant into clunky –the
    ellipses into ‘bubble-size.’

    Can you/will you change Headers to un-Bold?

    If you un-Bold: we can see if headlines still look like Death Notice
    –or: okay in black.

    in Pilcrow Preview:
    5. still only ONE space between sentences/after
    a period –Is that default?
    6. Can it be changed: TWO spaces after periods, colons?
    (Please please, lol, say “Yes”!)
    7. Quote marks: fixed? –Right AND Left will face INWARD?

    8. Preview:
    I didn’t Activate. IF I Enable Pilcrow:
    can I go BACK to PressRow during next two weeks?
    Or once Activated: I’m stuck –can’t go back/PressRow will disappear?

    9. Widget/frames: changes –look good now; though two pics
    in widgets: right side cut off –might be my fault…

    10. ‘Features’ in Pilcrow: I’m clueless/looking for def’s, e.g.,
    “RTL-language” “menus” etc. Do I actually Need any of this new stuff?

    11. Translation
    waste? Why offer: People in non-English countries who read
    my posts translate it themselves; and
    whole thing can be pasted into Google to trans.

    Note – If no one has said it:
    Appreciate this Forum for theme –helps all
    at the same time, Much better than everyone sending same stuff
    in tons of e-mails! (lol) (–though it doesn’t do Thing One
    for withdrawal, lol….)



    NOW we have really bad problems:

    The text of both comments and the main body of work is all centered rather than lined up properly as paragraphs!!!! How ridiculous is this????

    Now, I have a coder coming over to fix this roaring mess. Thanks for nothing, WordPress. By the way, I emailed you guys yesterday and still have heard nothing! I am a PAYING CUSTOMER and should be given some consideration (like, prioritize your paying customers, OK?).

    Elaine Supkis



    As for the fonts: totally out of whack for those of us who had someone CSS for the previous format. The cavalier attitude of the representative here is most annoying since this has thoroughly disrupted my own site as well as my entire day. I have appointments to make and had to make this emergency appointment to fix this mess.

    Another thing wrong with this new template: the box for clicking on previous stories is both at the top of the page under my headline art…and before the comments section. Why this double-up method? I hate it. And the jump to comments is at the top under the headline for the story, a very ugly spot for it. Quite distracting and annoys this author no end. Please remove it or fix its orientation to come after the headline of the story.

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