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Devastating The Obvious

  1. Josiah Black (a.k.a. Captain Obvious, your guide today) is not your typical young adult. His myriad of accomplishments achieved at such a young age speak for themselves. Besides having visited OVER 10 of the 50 states and and 2 of 195 countries he has won several essay and speech contests nationwide. His intimate knowledge of sports and their statistics is coveted by many and possessed by few. He is an up and coming back yard athlete and currently has two fans... one on the ceiling and another one mounted on the wall.

    Still not impressed? He's experience with a big family has given him hundreds of opportunities to become a relationship guru each and every day... (a skill he has yet to perfect but that's beside the point). He has suffered from a poignantly overdeveloped sense of humor the span of his entire life and throughout the recent years this young man has resolved to spread his affliction to the rest of mankind; that they may experience that with which he must live through everyday. But I digress.

    Ladies and gentleman... it's time for (drum roll please).

    ~M.O.T.~ (this stands for Moment of Truth by the way... and a note for future reference: Josiah loves acronyms. They will always appear with the Tilde symbols surrounding to denote its distinction. He will keep you updated and perhaps even start a glossary for those of you sharing his less than average memories ;D So... getting back to the Moment of Truth)

    As the brightest among you have surmised... I myself have been writing this whole time. Alas, 'tis true (for those of you feeling extraordinarily inferior due to your in-observance of this fact, I will be holding Dupe Therapy Sessions bi-monthly, RSVP to attend).

    But let's get off the subject of me for a minute. Who REALLY wants to know about the author in the "Get To Know The Author" section? What you're really looking for is something to educate, entertain and envelop you. Something you can look to as a comedic north star, an oasis of comic relief in a desert of dry puns. My hope is that your mission terminates here...that your quest ends at this point... that you join me once a week for an episode of... Devastating The Obvious.

    The blog I need help with is

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