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  1. The stats page is totally buggy and the developers badly need to look at it. Unless that is done I am going to lose confidence in WordPress and take my money somewhere else.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try the stats page from your Dashboard - yes you do lose the funny map but I don't use it much anyway

  3. In the interim why don't you use a third party tracker like sitemeter or statcounter? For views by country you can use FlagCounter. Scrool down to "visitor tracking" on this page for non-Javascript counters we can use on free hosted blogs.

  4. timethief, thank you very much, but I don't see anything like that on this page. Is it a subcategory of something else? Sorry if I seem lazy, but I am really, really fed up with WordPress' utterly horrifyingly bad help pages.

  5. I have been using sitemeter for years. I was using it before we even had a stats program here. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and look under "Visitor tracking".

  6. themidlifesecondwife

    I'm having trouble with Twitter stats...Twitter shows me as having more followers than WordPress does. This is a problem because I've offered a free gift to my 400th follower, and I don't know whether to trust WP's count or Twitter's. What can WordPress do to better synchronize stats with Twitter? Could sitemeter help with that?


  7. Twitter followers are not the same as blog followers. Hopefully you said which kind were eligible for prizes when you announced the contest.

  8. @herminestrand: this is the link auxclass was talking about:

    It has all the functions of the New stats page without the map and all of the bugs.

  9. themidlifesecondwife

    Hi raincoaster.

    According to my stats page, WordPress is indeed counting twitter followers as followers of my blog. They separate them out letting me know which ones follow by email and which ones by Twitter, but when viewing the total number of followers on the main page they are most definitely combined.

    I recall this did not used to be the case, but it certainly seems to be the standard now.


  10. Your blog followers is the sum of the following: blog followers
    Any followers from connected Publicize services (Facebook, Twitter, Messenger Connect, Yahoo!, or LinkedIn), which you can enable in Settings -> Sharing

    When you use Publicize your Twitter and Facebook followers are added into your stats thereby inflating the numbers.

  11. If the numbers you have don't jive then you need Staff help and this thread is already flagged for Staff attention.

  12. themidlifesecondwife

    Thanks, TimeThief! That's exactly what I was hoping for, since the numbers don't jive.

    I should note that I have connected Publicized services with Facebook and LinkedIn, but these don't show up as part of the stats...only email and Twitter followers...which could be another problem but for now I'm focusing on Twitter, since that's where I've publicized my little giveaway.

    Thanks again,

  13. Sounds like more than one separate issue is being reported in this thread.

    @herminestrand, you said the stats page is totally buggy. Could you be a little more specific? Is it display issues like the charts don't look right (i.e. the views by country), or is it something else? Could you post the full URL of the exact page where you're seeing the trouble and describe the issue in more detail so it's recorded in this thread? Does the problem only happen for you in Internet Explorer? I will also do some checking in IE soon to follow-up.

    @themidlifesecondwife, the stats count inside for Twitter is not synced in realtime. It updates at various times such as when some types of actions happen on your blog, i.e. publishing a new post. You may also be able to get it to update by disconnecting and re-connecting Twitter on your Settings → Sharing page, but I don't think you need to go that far. Currently, I see 205 Twitter subscribers listed on your stats page for a total of 397 followers on your blog (that's your blog followers + Twitter followers known to at the time it last checked) and I see 215 followers at I think if you start at the 205th follower in your Twitter account and add 3 (since 397 is the current number in then you'll have your winner.

  14. themidlifesecondwife

    Hi designsimply,

    Thanks for your response. So if I understand you, <i>eventually<i> the Twitter followers will sync up with the Twitter count on WordPress?

    I do appreciate your time.

  15. I have ten thousand Twitter followers. i'm certainly not seeing them on my stats page.

  16. Thanks for your response. So if I understand you, <i>eventually<i> the Twitter followers will sync up with the Twitter count on WordPress?

    Correct. Currently, the number on the side is updated when you publish a post or when you re-connect Twitter on the Settings → Sharing page.

    I have ten thousand Twitter followers. i'm certainly not seeing them on my stats page.

    They should show up if you've connected Twitter to your blog on your Settings → Sharing page.

  17. @designsimply
    I deliberately chose not to use Publicize so my Twitter stats would not be added. Is what you are indicating above is that I have to remove the sharing buttons in oder to prevent from adding them in?

  18. No, I'm certainly not going to autopost to Twitter. Nothing looks less professional than a robo-posted status update that's cut off in mid-sentence.

  19. timethief, no, it has nothing to do the sharing buttons. I was referring to the Publicize Twitter connection.

    raincoaster, I wasn't suggesting that you should autopost. I was just pointing out that connecting Twitter will update this twitter follower stat on the side. Also, just to note, you can customize the Tweets sent via Publicize.

  20. This has gone very far afield. I'm wondering whether the Javascript error I reported in detail in another thread will ever be fixed.

    I have found that the self-help aspects of EVERY website strike me as terrible simply because the things I need help with are always outside the box.

    And in other news, was spamblocked by Facebook earlier today, and perhaps still is. I got a spam warning for linking my blog in facebook chat and am hoping the automated facebook systems don't suspend my facebook account, because it will take a week for a live, breathing person on facebook to read my appeal.

  21. I'm not seeing followers from LinkedIn even though I have disconnected and reconnected to LinkedIn more than once. They were appearing until just recently. I noticed that my followers number had dropped suddenly and checked the stats page only to see that there are none showing up from LinkedIn now.

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