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    Is there anyway that you can install a button that changes a number value.


    Value is $899AUD DISPLAYED LARGE

    Then have 6 buttons to display different currencies would have AUD, GBP (current rate 0.59), CAD (0.98), EUR (0.67), USD (0.77), CHF (0.73)

    The value then changes to CAD value (based on conversion amount 899*0.59)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a webpage example if needed

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy welcometotravels!
    If you can explain the specific usecase, we can suggest you something more specific, like if you can explain with respect to your website itself, like where would you like to use it we could recommend better.
    In the meanwhile here is some useful information, to be able to accept money in currencies, you can use

    Or if you already have a Business Plan you can make use of Plugins to help you with it, The WooCommerce has a Plugin directly to give the currency options, or also there are Plugins to display currencies,
    Here are the useful links

    Also, if you are on Business Plan, you have the option of <a href=”

    “>Live Chat too.

    Let us know further, would be happy to assist further..!



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