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Dictatorship and calling names

  1. reubenswoodcraft

    Today I opened my emails to find I had one from Informing me that I had liked my own post. Fair enough, but what put my back up was the comment that was added to the bottom of it. "You're so vain. You probably think DIY Computer cabinet is about you. " I think this is a bit harsh and bang out of order. So what If I like my own post! I worked hard on it and and enjoyed what I achived, why shouldn't I like what I have done and tell people I like what I did here
    I have known some of my friends to click the like button to thier own post and even give them selves the full five star rating... Does this mean they are VAIN as well? Vain would be more considered if I were to write a comment under my post asking or telling people that they must read this wounderful great piece I have done and be full of myself with it.
    This pretty much annoyed me because I heve never been called vain nor has any one ever considered me to have vain tendancies. I Think this is a bit rude of wordpress to send such an unflattering email. How would they like it if I sent them an email saying they are like a dictatorship because you have no way of contacting them if you have a complaint or you have a specific problem whith what they are doing. There is no one you can talk to 1-1. the support will only go so far. this forces you to realise that you either take it or like it or you can just plain get lost cos really they could'nt give a damn what you think. Google, youtube, face book and wordpress....they all do this, where getting in touch with someone who is supposed to help and support - is really non existant. It is no longer or never has been possible. Which makes it all convienient to all these services. Which means they can pretty much get away with anything really. Does this not sound like a dictatorship to you? Are your rights and freedoms really considered...AS AN INDIVIDUAL!? which is what we fort so hard for and yet find ourselves having to do all this again?!
    This may be a bit over the top for such a comment... But I can assure you, this is not all about just one comment, this has built up over some time now and this one comment has snapped the cammels back. This type of carry on with all the services I have mentioned including wordpress is now becoming a concern. I was once forced to close my youtube account due to someone had falsly reported it in a bad light - this was very unfair and basically I was bullied of of you tube. Youtube had nothing proper in place for me to 1. state my case, 2. Have a neutral judicator or refferee to look into my case, and if there were somthing in place, I would have to jump through a whole series of hoops first (for which not many people would have time for or could be really bothered with...againg convienient for you tube.)
    What was the point in face book offering you the choice to have a time line on your page, only to force you to have it anyway later on. They may as well just force it on you any way, why did they have to go through doing it this way? because of the fact of forcing it on you would be a lot more suttle... well! that means we must be really stupid and we are all idiot then, right?
    Wordpress used to have an easy access to getting technical support or make and enquiry about something that they may have not listed. Saddly, wordpress are also going down the path of "if you dont like it then stuff you" road as well and have also done away with this service.
    As a business man, I can tell you, infact, garantee you, that this action, this move to doing things will be their undoing. I have seen it time again. But then, what does the customer know eh? what would I know eh? After all I'm just some one who blogs and is vain with it and knows nothing else...right?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just tried this and received the same message. Lol. I'm probably the most self-deprecating person on the planet. :) It's just WPs idea of a joke me thinks.

  3. Yes, it's likely to be be WP's idea of a joke. They have a strange sense of humour...

  4. reubenswoodcraft

    Hee hee, yes, I could say its a bit of a joke, and yes I agree its a strange sense of humor. Normally somthing I am usually accused of and happy to accept :) but on this instance all I can say to wordpress is " Ha bloomin ha!" :) But on a more serious note, does any one else think that it is a bit concerning that these type of services do not offer easy access to better and personal support. For instance, if you really had a big grievence over somthing (and I mean somthing bigger than the little silly comment put to me) but if you had a really big grievience with somthing in wordpress, google, youtube or facebook..... who could you report it to? Since I have been unsuccessful in locating somewhere simple to do this it makes me think these services could get away with murder if they wanted to. There is nothing to keep them in check. Does anyone know what I mean? Thanks for the replies so far.

  5. On a sombre note, I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you.

  6. A stupid joke in fact. To like your own post is not a fair thing but it doesn't mean that it should be treated like this.

  7. A 738 word forum post! Why didn't you just post it on your blog? Under the 'random rant' category.

    I didn't read it all, but I do think that the big online companies do take their users for granted.

  8. reubenswoodcraft

    Hee hee, thanks tltcl. Cant say that my rant would get so noticed on my blog, doesn't seem to get as many visits. Perhaps if I had a random rant catogory it may do better lol:)
    Indeed, I could have put it briefly as you did. But felt it important to show why and give reasons to why I think big online companies can screw us over.
    Thanks for finding the point and agreeing anyway. I will try and keep my rants to a minimum next time. :)

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