Did akismet give me spam that were actual comments?

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    I was checking my blog and I saw some comments that seemed to actually be legitimate comments. Has anyone had any problems with akismet getting comments wrong and calling them spam. Thanks in advance for the help.

    The blog I need help with is ilikelanguages.wordpress.com.


    Yes, it happens from time to time. You should be able to mark them as “not spam” to allow them to be posted to your blog.



    Spammers are tricky – Akismet does not miss very often – many new bloggers get sucked in by nice sounding spam and approve them and soon your blog is attacked by thousands of spam – so caution is advised – approving spam at a minimum makes your blog look real bad – put enough spam on your site and the staff might have a chat with you or take some action until you clean up the site (maybe shut off your ability to Post – or put big red banners on your dashboard )

    If you are not sure – you can ask here in the forum for someone to take a look at them for you



    “Yes, it happens from time to time” sounds unnecessarily alarming and can mislead you: Akismet is right 99,99% of the time.
    If you mean you checked your spam folder, you can paste here a couple of comments you’ve got doubts about so we can tell you.

    But first check the comment on this post:
    That’s typical spam: bullshit text designed to seem reasonable under practically any post, but having no connection whatsoever to the actual content of the post. You should edit it and get rid of it – by marking it as spam, not just by deleting it.



    yes Panos – that is crap – get those every day – Spam it at once –

    I see stuff like that all the time – same text but different “person” leaving it in the spam folder one above the other

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