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Did anyone notice an extremely big publish button?

  1. Just wondering if this is a glitch or permanent?

    I don't know why but it kind of freaked me out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why? Maybe some bloggers have trouble differentiating it from the "save draft" button so Staff made it larger.

    [SHRUG] To me it's on no consequence at all but if it was I would contact Staff directly rather than posting a thread.

  3. The publish button becomes bigger when you check mark the surprise me option...

  4. oh! haha thanks!

  5. You're welcome!

  6. @slikbonez
    Tx - bookmarked :)

  7. OMG attack of the really big buttons!!!

  8. @brian save yourself!!!

  9. @christiangrblr
    Internet tip #2
    If ever you learn my real name, and I see you posting it on a public forum, when I don't personally do it myself, I will release a verbal onslaught on you like you have never experienced before.
    It's a little off the cuff, privacy is what monikers and usernames are for in the first place. If I wanted everyone to know my name, I would have registered as such.
    But, maybe that's just me. Others might not care so much.
    Just saying. Carry on my friend, your latest post on weird eating hit close to home, I might just leave you a comment...then you won't think yourself so insane! I have so many habits, it's a wonder I haven't starved to death yet.

  10. haha thanks shesboxingclever. haha thought it would give a more personal feel to my reply he says that his name is _____ anyway in the about page 0_0 haha but any. Glad you enjoyed the post!!!

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