Did everything to add an image, but nothing showed up.

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    I’ve attached screenshots of what happened:


    In the second screenshot, even though it says that the 5 pictures are in the entry, “Eye am mad” (URL: http://triazolium.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/eye-am-madeye-am-mad/), they are not there.

    What’s going on?


    When you get a blank screen like in 3.jpg, right click on the blank window and select refresh, reload, or reload frame (depending on what your browser calls it). That will fix the blank screen. You might have to reinsert the images into the post, even though it shows they are in there already. The image uploader stuff is not totally solid yet.

    Also, see the sticky post at the top of the forum, and if you haven’t, download and install the latest version of shockwave flash.




    Thanks for the screenshots, they are helpful.

    Do any errors appear in the Firefox error console (Tools/Error Console) when the screen goes blank? Is there an Error icon at bottom right in your status bar?

    (You can ignore yellow warnings in the error console, they are normal)



    I get exactly the same thing, tellyworth.

    I have spent literally hours seaching for answers to the image problem, doing all the stuff they have come up with here, one by one, and none of it works. I tried refresh cache, clear cookies, latest version flash, and right clicking and reloading the upload screen–which by the way just exits your editor without saving it. In the last four days I have done everything EXCEPT blog.

    The latest was to try different browsers. I sort of got it to upload some images in Internet Explorer. If you want the blow-by-blow details, I posted some descriptions and screenshots of Vista/Firefox, Vista/Internet Explorer and Vista/Safari.

    The thing that makes the most sense is to use an external editor, since it’s pretty apparent this one has enough bugs to keep these guys employed indefinitely. Maybe I’ll try that next, but so far all these suggestions haven’t been a very effective use of my time.

    It would make even more sense for them to take this whole upgrade thing into Beta until they can get a stable version.



    I can’t even get that far. When I browse to my image and select it, I get an HTTP 500 server error. Nothing fixes it. (Yes, I have the latest Flash)

    This “upgrade” has taken more than 10 hours. Guess I’ll have to stop blogging and get a job.



    Until things are fixed, I recommend using either Photobucket or Flickr. They’re free and easy to upload to. Grab the URL there and put it in your post using the Image Icon old-skool style.



    Thanks… I just discovered that i can upload with IE….just not with FF.



    You’re luckier than me. I get the same error with both.


    Make sure and double check that you have the latest shockwave flash plugin. No, really do it.


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