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Did I do something wrong?

  1. Okay, what button did I hit? The Reader page is suddenly gigantic and if I zoom out my home page is tiny. Also the format is all blue-white blocky and almost impossible to read. Is there a way to change it back or customize it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like the staff is tinkering - I don't like the "improvement" either

  3. Thanks auxclass, I hope they land on something better instead of yet another cheapening of the Reader!! Are there choices anywhere? I'd pay to get the blog surfer back!

  4. Now it says there are 6 new posts but they are nowhere to be found. Can someone please tell me what's going on?

  5. Try being patient.

  6. That's a very helpful answer, notawoodpecker. Care to offer anything technical / factual or is that all you have?

  7. We must try to be polite to each other in these forums. These forums are among the most useful on the internet because of that! Being patient, especially about something not life-threatening, is one way of showing courtesy.

    Please read the link from auxclass above: if staff is working behind the scenes on changing something on this platform, your option is to wait, or to upset yourself with no productive result.

    We volunteers are not privy to what staff does "behind-the scenes." As a result, we cannot give you any other advice than to be patient.

  8. Tess, you're not referring to me, correct? I asked a series of straightforward questions and was greeted with a snide response by "not a woodpecker". Looking for technical support here, not trying to return to grade school.

  9. In any case I am following this thread now, I would not have bothered posting this question if I had noticed it sooner.

  10. Generally speaking, when nobody answers your questions here it's not because nobody has seen them; volunteers know how to find old, unanswered questions. It's because nobody has an answer. Consequently, we generally discourage "Any help?" posts which bump the thread to the front page without supplying any new information. "Be patient" is good advice, actually, if terse.

  11. @raincoaster I was simply updating my question. Why you I plied that I was not patient is beyond me. I think you guys need to find a better use of your time.

    I was perfectly happy waiting for a response (and I regret that I did not notice the other forum question first) but I did not want staff to have to come back multiple times for multiple issues for one forum question. That is generally discouraged here.

  12. Nice job, autocorrect!

  13. @ameliespp
    Sometimes the best course of action is to walk away from a thread.

  14. Yeah I should have unsubscribed so the trolls wouldn't show up in my inbox, lol!

    Ps have posted yet another question, a real puzzler! (okay maybe maybe not.....). :D

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