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Did i do the wrong thing??

  1. I am new here and just finding me feet. Earlier i had 6 comments one after the other all from the same person on the same post, when i clicked the link to his name it took me to a website so i marked the comments as spam. Have i done the wrong thing?? I just thought that no-one would add 6 comments on one post all in a row. The comments were all different so this person didn't just make a mistake. I wouldn't like to have put someone as a spammer if they are not.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. While it may seem strange for someone to leave 6 comments on the same post, the only one truly able to judge whether it is spam or not is you. Whether you you want to keep, delete, or spam comments is 100% up to you. As to this case, if you do not want to mark that person as a spammer, simply go to your spam folder and 'approve' the comments again.

  3. Thank you for the reply. It's a tricky one as it MIGHT be spam, but i feel better knowing that it is MY choice either way I just didn't want someone to be labelled a spammmer if they are not, but as you say it's up to each individual person to judge it as they see it...Thank you very much.

  4. You can also keep the comments and remove the link from the name.

  5. /boblets!

  6. Thanks..i decided to delete them as i don't believe they were genuine comments..either spam or someone just wanting people to go to his site. I didn't know i could remove the link so thank you for that.

  7. Just for perspective: you've got three comments on this thread, and your name goes to a website. Some people have no friends and they just keep commenting and commenting; it happens. I'd judge whether or not it was spam by looking at the site: was it plastered with ads, or trying to sell something?

    And yes, I've done the "kill the link' thing before. That works.

  8. @jennifer: :-)
    I kill the link if it goes somewhere odd, delete the whole thing if the link goes somewhere dodgy.

  9. raincaster..yes the website had all adverts on it for womens clothing. What i found strange in the first place was 6 comments in a row one after the other. I think i did the right thing now by deleting them. Thank you all for the advice.

  10. gypsyjan,

    The comments were definitely spam. Nigeria's finest.

    "Great blog", "nice post" and similar are almost always spam. You'll find some explanation here:

  11. @gypsyjan-If they weren't caught as spam, definitely mark them as spam should they show up again. That helps Akismet learn.

  12. Thank you all so much. Thank you tellyworth for the link about spam..I was worried at first that i had labelled someone as spam and they weren't but after reading your replies i feel i did the right thing. I'm certain now it WAS spam. Another lesson learned on the long road of blogging!!...Thank you

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