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Did I do this right? (Podcast)

  1. Hello,

    I read everything I could concerning Podcasts from the forum. Can someone look at my first podcast please at and tell me if I did this right? Is it "RSS" okay? Will folks that use IPODS be able to subscribe and get my weekly podcasts from now on?

    PS.. Would I be better off with a paid account (Now it's free), and how do I go about it? (Link Please)



  2. @igatos
    If you want to see how the podcast will appear to your visitors then log out. Go onto the interent and type in the url for your blog as if you are a visitor (N.B. I do not mean sign in).

  3. Well, I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Does this mean I didn't do it right? Can you help me out here? This is my first podcast...


  4. The link works to download the file. But I don't know a thing about how to have people subscribe.

  5. Jim,
    Either the podcast worked or it didn't and you'll know that by signing and viewing your site as a viewer would like I explained to you before.
    This is ptvguy's area of expertise perhaps he'll volunteer to help you if you ask very, very nicely but I'm not making any guarantee and you shouldn't approach him unless you actually do have a problem, okay?

  6. Okay I guess...
    I thought I was being polite here too...

  7. Jim,
    Of course you were being polite and I wasn't implying otherwise. I know diddly squat about podcasting. Podcasting is ptvguy's bag. drmike won't be back until tomorrow and no one else is diving in to help you so I gave you the very best advice I could give. I'm sorry if you didn't understand that.
    Best regards.

  8. bump

  9. It works fine... But if you want it to play immediately instead of downloading BEFORE playing, put an m3u playlist on your server pointing to the mp3 and folks won't have to wait for it to be downloaded.

    [August 11 2006] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Sci-Fi Has Become 'Sci' - A Bacteria That Corrodes Steel Has Lurked Beneath The Frozen Tundra Keeping The Mastadon DNA Company And Foiling BP's Pursuit Of Oil

    [Includes the news segment as well as commentary]


    You can create an m3u using realplayer's (...what I use) Now Playing, and save the playlist as a FILE. Open it with a text editor to make sure that it points to the mp3 on the server, not a temp file on your computer.

    Need help? Contact me: leighm (at)

  10. @leighm
    Thanks for diving in and offering a helping hand. (I personally don't have a clue what you're talking about but am assuming that the other party will understand you.) :)

  11. Timethief, no problem.. I appreciate your help.. Thank you..

    Leighm, how could I download the mpu and put it on my server? Are you talking about my FTP Site where I stored the mp3 file? If so, then I think I understand.

    Also, is it possible to set it up so that someone who has an IPOD will automatically be able to download new podscasts as I create them?

    I am going to email you directly leighm..
    Perhaps I should just consider having the WordPress site hosted. I now have a free account.

  12. @jgatos,
    If you would like to check out webhosting you could look over here

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