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Did I kill my blog ? Can't access Blog/Admin Panel

  1. Hi, I tried to include some Google-Maps code in one Post but now the neither the blog nor the adminpannel are accessible. They give me a 408 Request Timeout. What did i do wrong ?

    thanks in advance,

  2. I can't get to my blog either. Probably server's down again. Matt & co are very good, just wait a while.

  3. Try it again. I think you may have hit a temporary glitch or something heavy was hitting on the server. That's what the 408 error means. (It was a bit overworked to furfill your request.)

    edit: I get Martin's site now.

  4. I see it - maybe hit a server blip?

  5. <humour>Tell Matt and Andrew to stop playing World of Warcraft?</humour>

  6. Mine is working again. Joy.
    *edit* maybe it was the Google-Maps-API <script> yadda</script> Wich almost killed the server. ! ;)

  7. You do know that scripts get removed from all input, right? They do it for security concerns.

  8. Yes I thought so, but it would have been nice to put some Maps on my posts :o

  9. Well, if they're static maps, just do a screen capture of your screen using your "Print Screen" button if you're on a PC. That will save the image of your desktop to your clipboard. Load up MSPaint and paste the image to it. You can then edit it and size it how you want it and then just upload the image like you normally would.

  10. *AHEM* drmike - perhaps the foregoing is little tidbit is suited for entering into your tips and tricks blog. I sure hope so because it's exactly the kind of thing I will probably not be able to locate when I need it, and the title of this post won't be much help in that regard.

  11. Added to the list. :)

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