Did I mess up my domain transfer?

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    Did I mess up my domain transfer? I can still see it in my wordpress.com store. I wanted to transfer it to godaddy.com, and thought I completed all the steps wordpress gave me. I can see my domain (magdalenehart.com) in my godaddy register now, but I am still seeing it in my “domains” area on my wordpress blog. What’s up?

    Thanks so much




    Hi Magdalene,

    I see here that you’ve successfully transferred the domain to GoDaddy:


    Our system doesn’t automatically know that you’ve transferred the domain to another registrar, however. Unless you plan on pointing the domain name to another webhost, it should stay in your account, but we should change your upgrade to being a Domain Mapping subscription now ($13/year) rather than a domain registration subscription. Would you want to do that? Or will you be pointing the domain elsewhere? If that’s the case, then you should change the Nameservers for the domain with GoDaddy, because for the moment, they are still pointing to your WordPress.com site. Let me know what you’d like to do, and I’ll help you through it.


    I would like to change my name servers, I think. I’ll be using it for a weebly.com website, and as it is now when you type that into a URL bar it redirects to my blog.

    Thank you so much!



    Ok, if you will be pointing the domain to a weebly.com site, do you want to redirect your WordPress.com site to there as well?

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