Did I Miss Something? From .COM to .ORG

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    I’ve been using WordPress for over a year now and have decided I’d like to switch from .com to .org. I registered a domain name here (lookingglassdreams.com) and opened up a web-hosting account at A Small Orange. From there, I was able to tell it I had a domain here, and I was able to use Fantastico to install the WordPress.org software. I did update the nameservers as well, via the instructions WordPress gives. I did not delete the WordPress nameservers, but simply added the ones through A Small Orange. For I guess that is the first question: should I have deleted the WordPress nameservers?

    But I’m still a little confused.

    I was trying to install a plug-in (LinkWithin specifically) and I can’t seem to bring up the Plugins page, even when I go through the long instructions that LinkWithin has on their website. I am a little concerned that I did something wrong in the transfer? Everything seems to link to WordPress.com and I can’t tell for the life of me whether anything is working on the A Small Orange servers, or if it’s just redirecting me here.

    Is this just an issue with domain propogation? Is it not “ready” yet? Do you think something went wrong with Fantastico?

    In summary:
    1.) Is it okay to leave wordpress.com on the nameservers as well as new ones;
    2,) Why am I not seeing all these fabulous benefits of having a self-hosted blog?

    The blog I need help with is lookingglassdreams.com.



    2) we can’t help with WordPress.ORG questions, other than by saying make sure you’re not signed in to your WP.com account but your WP.org one. You need to seek help at WP.org


    Which would be lovely, expect if I go to try and log in at WordPress.org, it tells me to do it via my self-hosting site (yay!) which redirects me to WordPress.com (boo).

    I know there must have been other people out there who have started at .com and tried to go to .org and have have similar problems. I’m looking for help from anyone like that. I figure if I am constantly getting redirected to WordPress.com, someone here must know why. And possibly how I can fix it.

    Thank you, though.



    No. Don’t try to log in AT WordPress.ORG.

    Log in at your hosting dashboard. http://lookingglassdreams.com/wp-admin should work


    That is what redirects to WordPress.com. :-/

    I will open up a thread on the .org forums.



    That’s probably just a function of the DNS transfer taking some time to sort out. How long ago did you map that domain to the new site?


    By map, do you mean add the new name server?

    If so, I did that about 2 hrs. ago now. If not, then I have no idea what you mean. :-)



    Then there’s your problem. Just wait it out; by morning everything will probably be fine. If your host sent you another link to log in, use that in the meantime.


    They did not, so I guess I will wait until tomorrow and cross my fingers!

    Thank you so much. :-)

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