Did I register my domain?

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    I registered a new wordpress blog last night amid a haze of sleepiness. I attempted to purchase the domain hypevisual.com for that new blog. The domain name was available but my registration seemed to NoT go through, presumably because I kept leaving information out or my sleepy fingers couldn’t type the correct digits. After trying 4 times, it showed the domain name as no longer available. However last night it was still available on other domain registrar sites, godaddy.com & sustainabledomains.com. I was too confused to figure this out amid my slumber last night, but today I’m awake and no less confused. Today its not available anywhere, so I assume I bought it. Did I buy it? Where can I see the registered domain?
    Blog url: http://hypevisual.wordpress.com/



    Yes, you did register your domain and it’s active at http://hypevisual.com/.

    Sometimes it takes time for changes to propagate across the web. Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?

    You can manage your domain at https://hypevisual.wordpress.com/wp-admin/paid-upgrades.php.

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