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did my blogs appear?

  1. My post is published but it doest seem to have registered..(i posted 4 blogs on 18 june with various photod...but so far zero comments (i know that people are not obliged to commet..but it seems strange...alnist as ifthe post isnt appearing..can you help or confirm tgat my4 batik posts on18 june are visible. Thanks
    Blog url:

  2. I see three posts with that June 18 date on your front page but none have any content. You may be able to recover an earlier Post Revision. Go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the title of the post, click Edit and check the Post Revisions module for previous saved versions of the post. If you're not seeing the Revisions module while on the editor screen, click Screen Options (top right corner of your Admin page) to activate it. Then select the post and page modules to include them. Then you ought to be able to go here > Dashboard > All Posts > Posts and locate the post and recover it from post revisions.

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