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Did the calculation change on how many times a Blog is visited per 24 hours?

  1. craigtheairplaneman

    Hi there:

    Hope everyone had a safe/happy holiday. Could you explain if something has changed in WordPress please.

    Up until about 2 weeks ago the traffic to my blog was very consistent from day to day and even had each month increasing the views per day. As of about 14 days ago the traffic has been 1/4 of what it was. My website has increased nicely in the past month, so I am confused.

    What I find strange is that my posts are music oriented and would not rely on major news events if I were writing about an election or the Middle East, etc.

    Any thoughts of what changed are appreciated. I have never stopped promoting and even have a new book to come out (I hope next month).

    Thanks for your time and be well,

  2. My stats have dropped by nearly a thousand a day in the past three weeks. It's slow out there.

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