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Did the Light theme change?

  1. Did the Light theme change in the last couple of days? If so, was the sidebar text changed to italics?

    It wasn't italics before. I guess I could live with the italics, but I'd like to know for sure whether the theme changed because I edited a text widget with some em markup and noticed the change to italics soon after the editing. I checked and the em tag I used was properly closed. I've since deleted the text that had the em markup but the sidebar is remaining in italics.

    Even with Firebug I can't determine what is causing the italics -- admittedly I'm not expert with Firebug.

    While trying to troubleshoot the italics issue, I noticed in IE6 the sidebar column is pushed down so that it begins adjacent to the bottom of the main content column :( . I don't know how long it's been like this, but perhaps if Light was changed the change introduced this IE6 layout problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @nicetalker
    You have left an italics tag open in this post

  3. It's not that post: it's the "Route 30" one, in which the more tag has been placed within italics.

  4. Hmm...

    I've just noticed that all my posts for the last 2 days - effectively my entire home page, sidebar, widgets, everything - are italicised, though they weren't when posted - I checked. I can't write code, so I think an open italics tag is likely - I never go near HTML.

    Anyone any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Or even CSS...

  6. @panaghiotisadam:
    You nailed it! And the fix cured the IE6 issue as well as the italics issue. Thanks so much!

    Ron, I think you have a problem analogous to the one panaghiotisadam just helped me fix. In your "Smile" post, the "more" tag has been placed within italics. Edit the post in HTML view. You will probably find an em tag immediately before the "more" directive and an /em tag immediately after. Remove those two tags.

  7. Hey, thanks for that nitetalker! Fixed.

    The question is, though, how on earth did it happen, because I didn't do it?

  8. @ronsrealm:
    WordPress put those tags in itself. Same thing in my case. I'd say it's a small bug. Evidently we need to be cautious about the position of the insertion point when inserting the More directive. When we inserted it we were within a span of text we had deliberately italicized.

    I'll mark this thread as Resolved. :)

  9. Thought that might be the case - it seems to crop up fairly regularly. Good point about the positioning, though...

  10. The more tag needs to be placed on a line of its own, not within a paragraph, not within italics or any other formatting command. Check the note on formatting issues here:

  11. @panaghiotisadam:
    Ah ... thanks again!

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