Did the spam filter shut down

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    After months without a spam comment getting through, all five spam comments that have arrived since midnight have been approved, and I’ve had to mark them as spam by hand. Did Akismet blow a gasket?

    The blog I need help with is unapologetic.wordpress.com.


    I’m having a similar problem, spam messages are going into my “trash” file that I didn’t put there. I then have to mark them “not trash” and then mark them “spam” and then delete them from the spam file.

    I’m guessing it is a technical problem.



    i think the spams are going into the trash, and i am getting notification in my email, and manually have to delete the spams from the trash.


    Spammers are always changing tactics and opening new email servers and such to try and get around the spam filters, and the spam filters have to adjust to catch up with them. My solution is to set my blog so that first-time commenters go to moderation and after that, no moderation. That keeps them from ending up on the blog, and after you mark them as spam, within 24 hours typically, Akismet will be catching them before they get to your blog.

    Don’t just delete spams that get through, mark them as spams so that Akismet will learn.


    I heard back from Support Staff and he said that the spam messages in our trash files are from older posts for our review. He also said that they may not be continuing this due to confusion.


    Ah, yes that would be confusing. Hopefully they discontinue that.



    What I’ve noticed is that people who are subscribed to my comments are getting copies of the “Trashed” comments in their email.



    @thesacredpath way to completely not read what I was asking

    @dandelionsalad that makes no sense. I just cleaned out my spam folder entirely two days ago, so these are NEW spam comments on old posts.


    Similar experience here. I received three identical “new comment” email notifications (as opposed to “please moderate” notification), in russian, marked them as spam since they hadn’t shown up on the dashboard as either Spam or Comments. Went ahead and contacted Support before I got around to this thread.



    Hey all. Thanks for the feedback. We’re investigating.

    Question: Is any spam coming through the filter? (eg, into pending or approved comments)



    hewsut —

    I’m having the same problem as the others in this thread. Comments that appear to be Spam arrive in my Inbox looking like they are approved and live on the blog. New commenters always need to be approved, so I know something strange is happening.

    Clicking on the email link in the message to mark the comment as Spam takes me to my Admin interface where I’m told by the system that the comment is already in the Trash.


    It doesn’t appear that any Spam is actually getting published or sent to pending — but the way it’s working now — we’re led to believe these Spam comments are live even if you have a moderation filter active.



    Hi all,

    As DB mentioned, spam was not coming through the filter… we were sending notification emails for spam we were catching and auto-trashing. Those notifications were due to a change in the way Akismet behaved.

    We’ve changed the behavior back to do some further testing. This should be fixed now.

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