Did you just move here from Live Spaces? Welcome!

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    Earlier today, we announced with Microsoft that WordPress.com is the upgrade path for those users who are on Windows Live Spaces. We’re already seeing a lot of you on WordPress.com and using the service. We’re happy to have you with us and we welcome you to the community.

    We understand that you may have some questions about the upgrade process and what it does, or about some of the features here on WordPress.com that might be different from what you are used to.

    We’ve done our best to anticipate these questions and I’d like to point you to some of our Support articles on the topic:

    • For FAQs on the upgrade process and general information, please read Upgrading from Windows Live Spaces.
    • To see in detail what’s involved in the migration process, you can read How to Upgrade.
    • We have collected a list of features that are significantly changed for you in our How Do I… page.

    If you are stuck and need additional help, let’s make sure you get to the right place:

    If you have questions about how WordPress.com works or how to use a specific feature, the forum here is a great place to start. There are many great volunteers here who can help you with learning how to use WordPress.com, and our support staff checks in often as well.

    If you have a problem with your migration or you have experienced an error, please send a message to our Happiness Engineers. We’re ready and willing to assist you in making sure that your Windows Live Space upgrade goes well.

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