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  1. Wow! Now Tags And Categories on any Blog is not linked to Global Tags pages. They are now linked to your own posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a temporary thing from my understanding as staff is doing some coding on that side of things. They will be back linked to the global tags pages when they get the code rolled out.

  3. There is also a stats thing in the grey bar at the top just next to New or has that always been there?

  4. That has been there for a while. Not sure how long, but probably a couple months at least.

  5. @naturedaughters Here's the news about that stats bar:
    @thesacred Did you get any indications about it from staff? Or, you're guessing.

  6. looks like I can stop panicking then lol

  7. Jenia's comment seems to suggest it's permanent? I certainly hope so.

  8. Dear Wank, I hope NOT, I thought my own blogs might have been censored for adult content or 'other reasons'. Linking to the global board through your own tags is the easiest and most sensible way for a person to be able to use WordPress, to track their own stuff and see what is out there. It is also a good way for your readers tobe able to use your blog. I don't tag to refer people to my previous content, I tag to be seen and often use the tags myself for a quick link to the global board, just out of interest.

    Sweet wank, I would not mean to insult you, but thinking that my own blog had been removed for adult content or censored for some other reason, seeing the name you call yourself I most dearly hope not.

  9. I noticed this immediately after Jenia posted. I checked and I found on my blogs the Categories and Tags direct only to my own content in the blogs. Then I checked the global tag pages and discovered my posts are still appearing under the appropriate categories and tags on the global tags pages. I hope the plan is not to remove them from the global tag pages.

  10. In the meantime you can enter 'global tag search' into the box on the support page if, like me, you can't remember or never knew how to do it independently.

    You enter something like this in the browser's address bar:

    That is one of mine that I used today. I'll backpress to where I got this information from as soon as I post this. If I had thought I would have done that instead of making an example, but the example might be quickly helpful for someone.

  11. Here is the link to more examples of how to access tags:

  12. Yes, the instruction found on the global tag pages support entry for search format still applies.

    Simply change the tag in the URL and use a “-” to represent any spaces between words. Here are some examples:

  13. But it is a time-consuming way to do it, and I wonder what the reasons are if this is a permanent move. Personally I can't see much sense in such a restriction being permanently imposed.

  14. I don't find this restrictive at all. As I have been here for over 5 years I am aware that many users have requested this change many times over. That's why I am not surprised that Staff have responded to user requests.

  15. outlandanthology

    I can't believe anyone has actually requested this change. It's too handy for those that use it, and absolutely no problem to ignore if you don't.

  16. @wank, I have no idea if it is permanent or not. Guess we'll have to wait for clarification.

    @outlandanthology-as tt said, having those tags and categories point to your own posts was one of the biggest requested features over the years. Actually, that request more often than not took the form of complaints. :)

  17. I think Wank was talking about the stats in the admin bar, in which case we are in TOTAL agreement.

    Last year staff made the links from global tag pages to our blogs NOFOLLOW thereby removing one of the greatest advantages had for the average blogger:incredible SEO. They gave me to understand at the time that they did it to disincentivize tag spammers, although to my mind it did the opposite: since hits FROM tag pages are negligible, why not use EVERY category and tag you can think of, just in hope of getting one single reader?

    Earlier this year they played around with some algorithm so that only some posts would show on the tag pages; that got a lot of complaints too.

    I'm sure this is for the same reason; to punish tag spammers. I'm not sure it's better than the original setup, and it's not fair when steps taken to punish wrongdoers end up costing bloggers real hits.

  18. longshotsblues


    I don't want my tags to direct me to my own blog. I wrote my own blog so I know it's there. I want to see what else is out there and the global tagging made more sense. It allows people to see what you've posted and you can see what others are posting on. To have to go here and there to see what was already here is nothing but a hassle and waste of time.

    This is another one of those " If it's not broke don't fix it things ".

    Please leave the Tags And Categories on any Blog LINKED TO GLOBAL TAGS pages like it has been.

  19. [opinion] Some Bloggers complain against things and find faults, when those are with them. Some Bloggers remember things and tell their advantages when those are unavailable. :) Wow You're a celebraty! [/opinion]

  20. I also wish this to be temporary. Visitors stumbling to your site via Global-tags are true visitors since they come to learn about that tag. Sometimes when they want to learn more about a topic, they click on tags and nothing can be better post-index than global tags pages, because that contains diversity.

  21. Here's why global tags were unpopular with some users and why I'm glad they've apparently gone:

    1. On blogs (and indeed every other blog software I can think of) tags on posts lead to the archives for this tag, so for most readers coming from outside, being sent to a global tag page outside the blog is unexpected and unwanted behaviour. Since there is no guarantee that the global tag page will even include a link back to the original blog, some people were concerned that they might lose a potential reader this way and not get them back.

    2. (and most importantly, to my mind) having the tag links on posts and the tag links in the sidebar go to completely different pages is a violation of accessibility guidelines. The target of a link should be indicated by what the link says. It should not be dependent on where the link is located, whether the link is on a mature blog, whether the link is on a .com blog or a .org blog etc. etc.

    Having easy access to global tags from your blog may be handy for you, but it's a usability nightmare for any readers from outside

  22. Agreed with Wanks points. Think of your self as a reader coming to your blog.
    You would want to click on a tag so that it takes you to posts on that site with the similar topics. Not to some Global tag system for WordPress. It was very confusing for people, especially if they were not familiar to

    Tags as they were originally advertised were to help readers better find a specific topics on a blog. Not every blog on

    IMO the "possibly related posts" feature does a better job than the Global tag system.

  23. @dlager

    IMO the "possibly related posts" feature does a better job than the Global tag system.

    That's not my experience at all. I frequently find the possibly related posts are not related. Moreover, I have found they link to some sites that have negligible value for my readers so I tend to enable and disable them depending on what I am seeing.

  24. Good point about "possibly related posts" TT,
    but then I went to a blog post of yours very accurately tagged "Google".
    If I clicked on your tag, previously:
    this global tag page came up:

    Check at the blog at the top of the page-- it has absolutely nothing to do with Google.
    include the fact that none of posts are yours on the most recent global tag page, I don't think it helps a reader.

    As for the new system: Now if I click on your Tag "google" I see an archive of your post with that tag. Much better in my opinion for you and your reader.

  25. Until a few minutes ago it was my understanding the "categories" widget was supposed to lead readers to other material we've written under specific tags, but the categories and tags we put on specific posts were meant to lead... elsewhere, or basically to the WP category and tag pages.

  26. I'm sorry but this now is totally ridiculous. People are not looking specifically for their own tag subject. But when clicked onto a Category or Filed Under it then directed you onto Music, Blues, Entertainment, Politics .... whatever it took you to a page where your blog was visible by others and posted for everyone to see. And you could see theirs as well.

    Clicking onto tags and filed under categories just leading back to your own blog is stupid. How does one even get to the global pages for these subjects now?

    Why take something so simple and complicate it? It makes no sense.

    I can't believe anybody would want this to stay as is. People saying actually more people will see all your blogs within that tag? HOW?

    When from your own blog if you've posted something in that same category or tag now it only returned you BACK TO YOUR OWN BLOG.

    I can't see what your posting on, nor can you see mine. They've made it where we only see our own. This is a MESSED UP way of doing things, confusing to people and was totally unnecessary.



    Because when I click onto them I'm returned to my own blog. What's the point of blogging? Nobody can see what you are posting on, and you can't see theirs.

    So it has now became useless. Why can't people just leave things alone. This isn't making the site better it's making it impossible to get views and to view others when clicking onto things only returns you to your own blog.




    They still exist. People have posted plenty of sample links to global tag pages in this thread. If those links are not working for you then you have some other problem besides their removal from your blog and your malfunctioning Caps Lock.

  28. Thank you for the sarcasm, poinless but maybe it made you feel important.


    You don't like it, ignore and don't comment. And others seem to be venting my same frustration WANK.

  29. longshotsblues


    Yes, the instruction found on the global tag pages support entry for search format still applies.

    Simply change the tag in the URL and use a “-” to represent any spaces between words. Here are some examples:

    In reality this won't work putting these links in the tags themselves. When you click onto them they still bring up your own blog.

    I had to post your example into the blog ( at the bottom ).

    As far as Music, Entertainment, Blues.

    The subject matter I wrote on which was the artist doesn't even apply anymore. Because there used to be a Song of the day ( Filed Under Category ) but no more.

    Very Sad way of doing things. So Tagging Ry Cooder, Delta Blues, the songs title or Slide Guitar lead nowhere unfortunately.

    But Thanks for the examples. You can put them straight into your blog and they will get you to the Category, they just don't work putting them in Tags.

    Hopefully WordPress will put things back to the way they had them.

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