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Did You notice This?

  1. This is the link you have below that post for "Ry Cooder."

    That isn't the link to the global tags page for Ry Cooter, This is.

    The links on ALL of these are wrong: guitar”Feelin’ The Blues” of the Day of the Night Blues

    No " or ' or any other special characters, no upper case, and no spaces. Spaces are to be replaced by dashes and put a trailing " / " on all of them.


    If the links are correct, then they take you to the correct global tag page. If they are not, then they will not.

  2. the sacredpath

    This is my Blog's link

    I don't know where you got the link because I don't have this. Actually have what you say is correct as you can see only I capitalized the R of ry. Cooder

    In reality I tried not capitalizing it and it still didn't lead anywhere but back to my own blog. But just now seeing what I did. I thought I copied time thief's tag lines but I made a mistake by not adding the - between ry & cooder.

    So Thanks Sacred, I'll change them all. And I'm hoping you mean put the correct tags IN TAGS. I really don't want them on the blog itself.

    In reality I just hope WordPress loses this brain storm of change and just switch it back. To me this was all an unnecessary and just made things complicated when they were already simple. You clicked onto the tags and it took you straight to the respectful global pages. Now having to do this by URL and so forth. Insanity

  3. Sacred Path

    They do not work in TAGS or the blog itself. I copied exactly what you have and it still lead to nowhere but a page that says WordPress doesn't have a Category for NONE of what I have listed. Whether Ry Cooder or Delta Blues, Slide Guitar, etc.....

    So there's still no point. WordPress has just made it hard that's all. None of this made any sense to do.

  4. Well now a couple links work other don't. I'm off to bed will see what I'm doing wrong later. But you cannot put these in the TAGS. They do not work. Ry Cooder link worked on the blog itself but not putting in the tags.

    This is all messed up, that's all I can say. Can WordPress make it any harder? Couldn't just leave well alone.

  5. If you want to know why staff did this, what their motivation is, etc, you'll have to ask them. They don't tell us either.

  6. These links on your site are wrong. Notice all the %20 stuff in the links? That is wrong. You need to edit the links and fix the URLs

    Slide Guitar:
    Feelin' The Blues:'%20The%20Blues%22
    Song of the Night:
    Delta Blues:

    Here is what they should be:

    All of the above URLs have been verified and these are the URLs to those tags.

  7. This change, if it is permanent, wastes time and tends to isolation. If someone wants to search a blog for related material within itself there is a search facility to do so without disconnecting the tags from the global function. I think it is something you can choose as a widget.

    If someone clicks a tag, usually they are interested in the tag subject rather than who it was written by. If they can find something helpful or interesting by someone else, maybe even more so, by clicking on the tag they should have that option easily, as they have to date.

    The only people I can see who will feel they benefit from this change are people with commercial interests in their own blog who want to keep their readers within that world.

    After all the support page stuff I found the easiest way to access the global pages from a blog after clicking a tag, since this change has been made, is to just go to the url in the address bar and take out the blogger's details. For instance, mine would be: name)

    Take out my details (suebarnett) and the remaining information takes you to the global page. It takes me there too, and to me that is just as important. It takes you out of cliques and coteries.

  8. If you want out of cliques and coteries, why not try surfing Technorati tags?

  9. raincoaster, what is the point of that suggestion, if not to try to undermine the validity and obviious relevance of what I have said without it? That appeared too quickly after my own posting for my comfort.

    I might be a bit paranoid about you because I AM being stalked. That is partly, mainly, what my blog is about.

    Thank you for your link, but I believe what I have said stands without it and might not be enhanced by it. If you disagree will you please expalin its relevance to the topic?

  10. The topic is the universal convenience, or otherwise, of global tag links.

  11. I have to say that I find the WordPress tag system perplexing.

    Having tags linking only to content in the same blog seems fairly logical to me. Its the global tags that look to be a bit of a mess.

    Using the Ry Cooder example I typed Ry Cooder in the Tag search on the WordPress homepage.

    It took me to a page which said that there were not any posts relating to this search. It had this address

    To my mind this shouldnt be happening.

  12. lettersfromlancashire, no it shouldn't. Take out the % sign and the "20" and replace them with a hyphen (a dash, one of these -).

    Why do you think the global tags are a bit of a mess. Is it just because of this example?

  13. Suebarnett

    Surely the search box on the WordPress homepage should actually search?

    If I type in Ry Cooder - I want to find content on Ry Cooder - not go to a page which says that there is no content where you then have to manually tweak the address to get the search results.

    As I said - perplexing.

  14. Here you are:

    I just looked it up and there are plenty of posts. I've been faced with the same page as you were sometimes. I didn't analyse the address. I just tried again a couple of times and eventually got there.

    But for the subject, having both options of a local and global tag search on the same blog, I reiterate, is a good option for everyone except those who want to keep people locked into their own blog.

    To date, while I have been using the site, I think (it's a while since I did it) that a local serch is a widget option. If you fear confusion, you can always change the text on the widget to make its function absolutely clear and, if you want to, dedicate your own page to explaining the various navigation functions in your blog, and your rationale for having them. Undoubtedly there are people that would matter to, if you wanted to accommodate them.

  15. Point taken, Beaufortjazz. I agree. This forum subject in itself has been helpful for me in highlighting these problems. I have often been faced with the same confusion and frustration with that particular search facility. So I have tended to get stuck in my own tag subjects.

  16. Or a further thought, perhaps a global search option could be available as a widget option instead? If this change is permanent. I definitely want to be able to do a global search from my own blog functions, and the quickest way is to be able to click your own tags. Sometimes, artistic, meditative soul that I am, I am just gazing aimlessly at the page and something will catch my attention and I can just click on the link. An further action would change my mood and mindset. Having to produce rather than browse, having to produce ANYTHING, even a search term.

  17. I can see by reviewing this comment stream I lack the expertise that most of you have. What I do share is the frustration. The change made to the system is confusion and this has been compounded by my inability to contact support through "normal" wordpress request thread. I'm not sure what benefits will accrue to we users. I am sure that changes that are made to the system should be better publicised. I've been a wordpress user since June '08. I'm not a spamer nor is my content offensive. Yet it appeared to me my blog was removed from publication because I couldn't access the tag global in the way I have since the beginning. Also I've learned that there is a "five or ten" tag limit. I missed the announcement or it didn't register. I'm fine with adhering to the rules but I would like to get a response. I certainly would help folks who are less tchnologicaly adept. Are these changes likely to be permanent?

  18. TBH I don't like the tag limit. When I tag I think laterally and creatively rather than in a targeted way. I'm not a company, I'm not selling anything, I don't have a 'target' reader and I like to brainstorm and use all the tags I think relevant.

    I can understand, perhaps, that people who think their posts might be more important for their livelihood or whatever, might object to being 'pushed' down a page by something they can't see any relevance to, but since WordPress is not exclusively an organ promoting commercially-motivated blogs I don't like the limitation, especially as I think my own blog is important and I see a relevance in my own tagging, if only for provoking thought, and I think it is wrong for people to tell me I am doing something wrong if I use more than the number of tags they have agreed on as acceptable and call me a spammer.

    And my tags are for my own thought-processes later, as much as for anyone else, and I think that is good and a good and creative way to work. I can't see what is wrong with that, if I am doing it intelligently, as I believe, and don't think it should be made, as it is made, to be generally considered a sin. People can scroll past what they believe to be irrelevant. They might be wrong and it doesn't harm them.

    Where it does no harm, openness, not limitation and vilification, is what I say.

  19. I hope that the change is permanent. If I want to find other blogs blogging on the same subject as mine, as a user, I know how to find them using the global tags pages. The vast majority of my readers are not users. They come to my blog for its content, not because I use the platform (which I do love, btw, even if there are some things that I'm not so fond of), and not in order to click away from my blog to a global tags page. People who are visiting my blog may want to find other posts that I've written on a specific topic, and so they naturally click on a tag. Rather than being directed to an index page with other posts of mine, they were brought to a page with an entirely different look and feel from my site, and with links to posts on other blogs that they might or might not find interesting. The jump to the global tag page also took them completely away from my site, rather than opening the page in a new window.

    I have a blogroll and I have a list of related links, plus some links pages, that can bring my readers to other sites that they may find of interest. I am happy to have readers find other content on the web that may interest them, but it's counterintuitive for most readers to click on one of my tags and be brought to the global tags page.

  20. suebarnett said, "Or a further thought, perhaps a global search option could be available as a widget option instead?"

    I think that's an excellent idea.

  21. Hi, mmad fan, thanks for your imput.

    I, however, maintain that if, as you yourself, suggest, you readers MIGHT, as well as might NOT find other bloggers on the subject interesting, both options, global and local, on the same blog, is better than no choice.

    I'm not sure if you can sort out the 'new page' problem in settings. I would find it counter-intuitive to believe that you cannot.

    And again, I want the CHOICE for my own sake, as well as anyone else's.

    Please don't pull me up on caps in this comment. I realise now it would have been as easy to make the words 'strong' rather than capitalise them, but I am tired and I didn't think and now I can't be bothered to go back and change it all. Knowing you are being stalked makes you appear ridiculous, and feel ridiculous, in some of your choices.

  22. mmadfan said:

    suebarnett said, "Or a further thought, perhaps a global search option could be available as a widget option instead?"

    I think that's an excellent idea.

    I don;t think it is excellent, I think it is inferior to what we had, but it is better than nothing.

    Even better, now the change has happened, would be if we could choose between 4 options in our own personal settings:

    1. Tags global

    2. Tags local

    3. Search widget global

    4. Search widget local

    And/Or 5:

    Give the choice to the reader for themselves by something similar to the translation button some websites offer between the site's language and another. If that choice could all be about the tagging there would ne no need for a widget, and the blog owner could have the choice fixed in their own personal settings, and as a reader choose another option if they wanted to.

    I think that is the perfect solution and that it will be used, and I hope I will be paid for my idea! If it hasn't already been thought of, maybe someone needs to patent it!

  23. Choice is a good thing!

  24. The choice button for the reader could be an optional widget.

  25. If people really want to lock people into their site.

  26. Actually keep the search widget, even if the global/local choice is attached to the tagging. That allows something to be entered which isn't in the tagging, and the reader could be given the same choice, which operates independently of the blogger's choice fixed in their settings.

  27. Or not given a choice, if you want to lock them in. But then, as they read other blogs where a choice was given, if you didn't give a choice you might later be perceived to be a bit restrictive, which some people would mind and others might not feel important.

  28. ??? Seems rather a strong judgment there.

  29. mmadfan on 2 ends of his own seesaw! Fan and critic!

    May I refer you to my latest blog post, posted today?

    I'm trying to give options and you are criticiisng me for doing so!

    I've noticed that McDonald's and Burger King, for instance, openly say in their advertising that they are better than each other, by name. How much is in earnest and how much is friendly, humorous competition (everyone knows that all publicity is good, if you are a business. When I saw those adverts against a company I preferred anyway, it kept the other business in my mind, not that that was necessary. When I ate meat burgers etc.

    So if they can refer to each other that way, what is wrong with giving people an out option on your blog? Why not co-operate rather than compete? Let the readers decide if they want to lock themselves in, and when they want to move about freely with you as a launching pad. How can that hurt you, imaginary jailor?


  30. Oh, there's a sticky post on tag searches in the way!

    Here you are!

    It's called "100%, Consistent Love and Complementary Proteins".

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