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Didn't get what I wanted

  1. I paid $25 for a .com address on my blog, and it looks like I just got a regular blog with a address. What happened? How do I get the domain name I paid for? Anyone know? I can't see how to get any real customer support. I kind of wish I hadn't wasted my money on a site that isn't what I want.

    I'm new to WordPress... so can anyone help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the domain name you purchased?

  3. I asked for I filled out the page for the blog and I asked for a .com address and I just got a regular blog. I don't know anything else to tell you... all I know is that it cost $25.

  4. @ Timethief.. I didn't go to any store... when i signed up for the blog it charged me... I don't even remember what happened. I'm certainly not going to the store now and spend $25 more! I'm just so upset here.

  5. Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing, oreocookie3!

    Your best bet would be to contact support here: They will be able to sort this out for you.

  6. You got exactly what you paid for, you just didn't set your purchased domain as Primary via Store -> Domains in the blog's Dashboard.

  7. @ Macmanx.. I don't know what you are talking about... if I go to the store they will charge me again, won't they? I put my address I wanted in the thingy when I applied for the blog as a .com... NOT I'm scared to death they will charge me again.

  8. Again @ Macmanx... I went to the store and it wants more money.. how do i get the .com that I want? It is what I entered when I signed up for this blog. :(

  9. No, we won't charge you again, as you have already purchased the domain.

    Just go to the Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard at and select as your primary domain.

  10. To clarify, there is a "Domains" sub-section below the main Store section in your Dashboard's sidebar on the left.

  11. Grrrr.. they are charging me again!

  12. @oreocookie3
    Hank in there please. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  13. We won't charge you again. Are you sure that you're in the right place?

    Click the Store section of your blog's Dashboard at then click the Domains sub-section below it.

  14. I'm sorry "Hank" was meant to be "Hang" :(

  15. @macmanx
    That was quick. lol :D

  16. I'm where you told me to go... it says the domain I chose is expiring.. when I click to renew it wants to charge me again. I don't understand this.. wish I had just stayed with Blogger... I'm in tears because I don't understand this. I just want my account canceled it was a mistake to even try this blog because I don't understand wordpress. I wasted my money.

  17. Don't click to renew it, just click to make it primary.

    It's "expiring" because you didn't enable auto-renew. If you look closely at the date, you'll see that it's expiring October 5, 2012.

  18. I just did that and it is asking for my payment information again. I need to cancel this.. just never mind trying to make me understand.. it's trying to charge me again.. I want out of this and my money back.. how do I get my money back that was already paid from paypal?

  19. Look close at the date for the "expire" if you don't have auto renew enabled it will show the "expire" - faked me out the first time I saw things were expiring.

    On the charges - relax a bit - WordPress.COM has a very good record of either providing you the services or refunding the money.

    On occasion the registration or mapping has seemed to fail but all the people that I have seen come through the forum looking for help were made right -

  20. It looks like you sent a refund request via email. I'm responding to that now.

  21. I can't give my payment information again.. I don't have funds to make another payment. I want to just get refunded to be done with this blog. It's too complicated for me.

  22. Yes, please reply to the email that I just sent.

  23. How do I ask for a refund for a premium theme?

  24. Contact the staff:

    search for anything then page down for the contact form.

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