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  1. Ok, I just made this blog like not even 2 weeks ago...I didn't realize at the time that what I wanted was a and not anyways I set up with a domain name. But I want with that since its so early i don't have any content I just want to switch to .org, BUT i want that domain that I already purchased...and I don't want to deal with a $99 transfer that's really not worth it because there IS NO content thus far...IS there a way to cancel...get my 17$ back, ...just cancel my entire account then create a and startover.....without having to redirect and get all confusing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, your domain has passed the 48-hour refund period.

    To start a blog, you'll need to get a host provider, some recommendations:

    Then, install WordPress from and transfer your content following this guide:

    With regards to your domain, you're welcome to keep your domain with us and update the nameservers to point to another hosting provider by following this guide:

    After 60 days from the date of purchase, renewal, or nameserver change, you may also transfer your domain to another registrar:

    We can also cancel your domain for you, but it won't be available for purchase again for about 90 days, at which time it will be back on the open market.

    Please contact us via and let us know how you'd like to proceed.

  3. And just to point out that the 60-day waiting period for domain transfer is not a limitation, but one set up by ICANN. Still better to wait and use the domain, since you can.

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