Diff. widgets in home vs. rest of site?

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    Hi, I just started a site and chose Blix as the theme. (Which after 12 hours I still like but am really disappointed I can’t get author names into the posts.)

    site is here: http://concepcionhq.wordpress.com

    Anyway, the question is about widgets. When I go to Presentation > Widgets it shows “Sidebar/Default Sidebar … your theme will display its usual sidebar when this box is empty, but if you drag widgets in they’ll replace the default sidebar with your customized one.”

    Okay, I get that, but Blix has a different sidebar/widgets on the home page as opposed to the rest of the pages. (for example, the Calendar isn’t on the home page but does appear on the other pages).

    So when I customize the widgets, will that make every sidebar the same across the site? Or will I only be customizing the home page? Or just everything *other* than the home page?

    I’m afraid to screw things up otherwise I’d just experiment.



    To answer your question once you place your widgets of your own choosing in that is the display that you will get on each page minus the calendar.

    Blix is a quirky theme http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/02/21/blix-theme-quirks/
    It is displaying how it was coded to display. It has another quirk at that is that regardless of which categories you assign to links they will only display in a single column in alphabetical order without category divisions.

    Although a theme may not be coded to display authors names automatically (template) there is an easy work around. You create a category for each author’s name and assign them accordingly to posts before publishing them. Each author can of course be given a byline at the head of the post as well by simply typing in a single line.



    Thanks, timethief, though I have to say I really didn’t understand your answer. ;-) “once you place your widgets of your own choosing in that is the display that you will get on each page minus the calendar.”

    Today I gave up on Blix and switched to Connections. (As a multi-user blog each post really needs to show the author on the home page … Blix didn’t even show the category of the story when viewed in the home page)

    So I still have a widgets question about Connections. I don’t like all the ones it has on the home page, so in Presentation > Widgets I dragged Categories and Search into the sidebar area.

    When I viewed the site, there was only one sidebar box on the home page, containing both elements, the Categories listing and the search field/name below that. I was hoping to get *two* sidebar boxes, one for the Category and one for the Search. (and, as I added more in the Widgets panel, additional boxes for each widget.) Is that not possible?

    Also I noticed my changes only affected the home page, not the interior pages, which only show some sort of “what you can do from here” instructions in the sidebar. I’d like to have categories showing up throughout the site.



    The Connections theme comes with one sidebar only. If you want specific features in a theme the best approach may be to read these and then make your choice wordpress theme reviews



    Sweet, thanks! It’s a good start.

    So … “one sidebar” means “sidebar is only on the home page” and “two sidebars” means a) sidebar on home page and b) sidebar on individual post pages?

    I thought that “two sidebars” referred to themes with 3 columns (one text column, two sidebar columns).

    Any ideas/info on my problem of ending up with “one merged box” vs “multiple boxes” for widgets?


    One sidebar means there is only one sidebar. It may or may not appear on each page of a particular theme – it depends on the whim of the designer. Same with multiple sidebars.



    Exactly. Re: “one sidebar”. This simply means some themes have only one sidebar. It may appear on either the right side or the left (in the Regeulus theme it can be switched to either side). However the phrase “one sidebar” has no more meaning than that.

    If you are looking for consistency then you will not find it. When designing a theme each individual designer chooses whether or not sidebars will display only on the front page of the blog or on every page. This is why I gave you the theme review link above. If you determine exactly which features you are looking for and check out the theme reviews you will be in a better position to choose a theme that suits you.

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