What is the difference between a Post and Page? How do I add a Menu with Tags?

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    I have different pages like Fashion, Beauty, etc. How do i get my post to show on the front home page and show up in the title pages?
    example I want to be able to click the beauty page and find all the post related to beauty on there. I also want to see it on the front page
    Blog url: http://shampoostilettos.wordpress.com/



    We have an excellent support doc detailing the differences between Posts and Pages at http://support.wordpress.com/post-vs-page/. Please give that a read.

    In terms of accomplishing the layout that you want, you can use a custom menu with either Post Tags or Post Categories as the menu items. With a custom menu using Tags or Categories, all of your posts will load on the front page of your blog, and each of the menu items will load the specific posts assigned to each Tag or Category. You can think of it as a handy way to easily sort through your posts.

    Please check out our support documentation on Tags and Categories at:

    Creating a custom menu:

    1. First, check out our instructions at http://support.wordpress.com/menus/.
    2. Go to your Menus page (Appearance > Menus).
    3. Add a name for your custom menu and hit the “Create Menu” button.
    4. Once the page refreshes, you can add Tags and Categories to your menu on the left side of the page.
    5. Then set the primary navigation option (located at the top left of the page) to be your new menu and that will replace the default menu.

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